Looking Back at 2011

2011 was a major year for me. I know that years from now when I look back it will be one of those years where I can see that so much changed in my life.

Of course the main reason for this was the success of Content Rules. It hit numerous best seller lists on Amazon and in Inc Magazine.

Ann and I traveled around North America (and a quick jump to The Netherlands for me) talking about the book and the rising importance of content for everyone. According to TripIt I traveled a total of 77,833 miles and visited 31 different cities this year.

I met so many amazing people, visited amazing new cities and the opening doors of opportunities are still showing themselves even this morning.

I took a look back at what I’ve written this year and was surprised by what I found were my most popular posts. It is really too bad that three of them were based around a blunder by a brand that I still don’t think believes it did anything wrong. But, here is list in case you missed some of them.

My Top Posts of 2011

What this list does show me though is that the type of writing I love doing is resonating with people and that confirms a big part of what 2012 will hold for me with the writing and release of my next book.

I also looked at my three words from the beginning of the year of Create, Inspire & Teach and I think I did ok with them. I’m still noodling over what my words will be for this year. I keep changing them.

But, as the final grains of sand fall away on this year I know that while I could have done more and done better, I’m content and happy with all that I accomplished. There is plenty of room for improvement and fine tuning. I see a lot of that in my near future.

See you next year!

  • You’ve done your part for sure.
    The three words you chose have played out in 2011. 
    Your traveling and speaking blow me away. 
    Boundless energy and excitement shines through.
    Okay, enough flattery. 
    Here’s to a year ahead of fun, excitement, growth, and more.

    • Yeah those numbers on travel scared me a bit because that is more than I would have guessed. Makes me scared to see what numbers some other people we know have racked up since I think they are on the road more than I would ever want to be.

      I appreciate you support and constant stream of nice words!

  • Great to for you to share your top blog posts of the year.

    Did you ever get a response from Ragu?

    • They called after a few days, but never said they made a mistake or really seemed to care about my thoughts. Their public follow ups made it clear that they didn’t care what myself or anyone else who commented mattered to them. Really sad response, but to each their own.

      • I stopped buying @ragusauce:twitter since that post.. and similar to other brands like @doralbank:disqus  which acted like they care but they really don’t. 

        It would be great if we could have lunch during #SXSW

      • I’ll be there so lets try and make that happen.

  • So happy to share so much of 2011 with you. On to bigger and better in ’12!

    • The feeling is mutual.

      Never thought I’d have another woman in my life, but if I’m going to have one I can’t think of a better one than you.


  • Thanks for posting this list. Now I can catch up on all your posts that I missed this year.

    • You are welcome. I had fun looking back at some of them so I thought others might as well.