When It Becomes Real

I find it rather comical that in today’s world where I can create anything I want and sell it to the world, I still hold off on celebrating the launch of a new book until I find it in a traditional book store.

When I returned from first seeing Content Rules on the shelves, Laura handed me a bottle of The Macallan 25. This is not an inexpensive bottle of scotch and I’ve always celebrated major milestones buying a bottle of something special. She surprised me with a dream bottle that I never imagined I’d buy.

The bottle is in a safe place and I only drink from it to celebrate very special moments. I thought about buying something new, but honestly couldn’t find anything that caught my attention. The only thing I even thought about was one of the Macallan Photography bottles, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

Last night when as a family we went to the bookstore and signed the two copies left in the store was certainly a moment to celebrate.

This morning as the house began to wake up, it hit me how funny this whole thing was. The second I hit publish on this post you can read it. If I take a photograph I can upload it to the world. Anytime I want to record my thoughts I can and seconds later anyone can watch or listen.

We use to be considered gate jumpers, but now the fence is so low most can step right over it.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but when it comes to books there is something still extremely magical about the shelves of a bookstore or library. When my thoughts and words are worthy enough to be put on those shelves it feels very rewarding and real.

I’ve got many more years of writing in me and I hope the magic of it all becoming real in a bookstore never goes away.


  • Gate jumpers? You can literally roll over the gates while sleeping nowadays. Of course, that’s an entirely different can of worms now.

    • *laugh* Very true, but there are some walls out there.

  • I really have no comment but to just smile. Know the feeling well, my friend. And yes, it is awesome.

  • I haven’t had the pleasure of publishing a book, but agree with the tactile pleasure and proof of the physical accomplishment. As for me, reality sets in when I hear I’ve had a meaningful impact. My one “published” piece is an album of songs for adoptive families, which debuted at the end of the CD era. While some may classify me as a gate jumper, too, or argue that the 11 tracks are the best explanation yet as to why I still haven’t given up my day job to hit the road with my guitar, I remember feeling I’d “really” entered the space of art serving life when I got a letter from a Mom saying one song in particular had encouraged her 11-year-old daughter to open up about her buried feelings about adoption for the first time. Sadly, I neglected to buy myself a good single malt at that point…. do you think it’s too late?

    • First off, it is NEVER to late to buy a good single malt. NEVER ever! 🙂
      I’m with you on the impact as well.

      Already I’ve had a couple of people share with me how much of an impact the book has had on them. Some are very close to me, but one was a complete stranger. They all equally hit me. Especially with this book since it is so personal and from the heart. Every single review, thought and reaction hits home.

      • OK then… off to get some Lagavulin… then maybe to the book store, too

  • I worked in a bookstore for 4 years, so I can definitely see that. And it’s great that you signed the book too.

    • I’ve always signed copies of my books whenever I find them in stores.

      Then last year at a conference I met a woman who managed a Barnes & Noble and I told her I did this. Her reaction confused me until she informed me that every store has stickers that they keep behind the counter to put on books that are signed and she encouraged me to ask for them.

      Last night was the first time I did that and it is even cooler than sneaking in and signing them.

  • For some reason your post reminded me of this scene from Spinal Tap 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx6fwfBKCIQ

  • I hope if not in 2013 maybe 2014 I can get a book published and share that feeling with you!

  • Definitely worth a celebration. Looking forward to reading it.

    Also, I LOVE that you sign your books every time you see them in a store. As a book lover myself, I can only imagine what a wonderful surprise that must be for your readers. I love collecting signed copies and have them on a special shelf in my office – those never get purged!

  • Sean Heritage

    Almost done with the book and couldn’t wait to put it to use. Here is what you inspired me to do with my goals this year – http://bit.ly/SRYFIR – and I thank you!

    • Awesome!

      Some damn good words there and thanks for sharing why you chose them.

      I’m working on mine right now. I’ve got a pile of them that i’m grouping together and choosing from.