My Instagram Decision

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I love to experience life to the fullest and share those experiences with the world around me. It is part of my DNA as an explorer and storyteller.

The tools of social media empower me to do this in ways I couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago.

It wasn’t easy for me to decide to stop using Instagram after how they acted last year. I enjoyed using the platform to share my travels and I loved the interaction with people around the globe. But, with a simple post of a photo, I stopped using it.

People asked why I didn’t make a bigger deal about it? The simple truth is that I’m not the type of human that needs to tell the world that they are quitting something. Those people drive me crazy because all they are doing is waving a big sign that screams “look at me.”

It was my decision, I made it and moved on.

Then yesterday morning a simple text from my daughter made me rethink my decision.

I’m on the road again doing a lot of traveling. There hadn’t been any time away from the family since I stopped using Instagram and that message got me thinking about how my family stays connected to me on the road through my photos.

Laying in the dark of my hotel room with my body clock still being on East Coast time I wondered if perhaps I should change my mind.

Other photographers I respect are still using the service. I’ve been sharing my photos online since the graphical Internet was invented and nothing but good has come of it. While my trust in the Instagram team is null and void due to their actions, I still value the service and what it allows me to do.

I debated writing this post, but I had so many people ask me about what changed my mind that I felt I need to. Hard to explain something like this in only 140 characters.

Any tool that allows my family to feel more connected to me while I’m traveling is one that I want to continue using.

  • Can’t argue with that logic. Good to hear your thoughts on it. I’ve been wondering where people’s minds lately are on the Instagram kerfuffle.

    • I’m still thinking about it, but being told I was being missed made me have to change my mind.

    • What kerfuffle? I don’t use the app as much as pre-Facebook days, so what did I miss?

      • @ariherzog:disqus The kerfuffle was the TOS change at the end of the year that said they owned all the content posted to Instagram. This has some references to it and further reading…

      • Long story short, they changed their terms of service so that they could sell any photos without the users permission. By agreeing to the TOS you were giving them permission to do this. Even private accounts were covered by this.

        This didn’t go over well and they sort of took it back with a “that isn’t what we meant” and in fact private accounts are not part of this. As a parent I was glad to see that because my kids have accounts and I was upset by the decision.

        A quick Google will show you lots more detail and I did link to their official response to the uproar in the post.

        Hope this helps.

  • Very well said, C.C. I agree that your reasoning is one heck of a reason to go back and use it.

  • Funny! I had recently tweeted you about this. Perhaps if you feel that strongly you can use another platform to connect with your family. My brother who is very much like you into photography and internet info explained it to me this way: people aren’t being charged to connect with their family and friends on Instagram so how can we deny them the opportunity to make money to keep this service open.
    Perhaps we are becoming too much of an entitlement society.

  • I am with you on this. I was ready to go also; I’d moved on to eye em, while still posting my 365 with flickr daily for over 4 years. My son had made a comment to me which made me stay on instagram. While I don’t travel, I do love the fact that some of the images I post on there keep him inspired to keep shooting. (plus I can keep an eye on what he posts if I stay also. 🙂

    Safe travels.