Where Bloggers Blog - My Office

CC Chapman Office - Summer 2013

Friend and photographer Karen Walrond was inspired to start a new project called Where Bloggers Blog.

It is a site for bloggers to share where they do their writing. It even got picked up by Laughing Squid!

Being a big fan of home offices, I instantly fell in love with it and shared this photo of mine.

Originally, I thought I should clean it up before taking the photo, but in reality it is usually a bit messy so I opted to take the photo without fixing anything.

Have fun taking a peek behind the curtain of some of your favorite creators.

  • I love this idea. This reminds me of some of the old personal memes that went around. Things like revealing your top 10 songs in iTunes, favorite podcasts, posts with five things you didn’t know about me, self portraits, and such. Thanks for sharing it, C.C.

    • Agreed, all those things were a ton of fun.

      • We should all slow down a little to participate in some fun. This is a perfect example.

  • Love this! I would take a picture of mine, but my messy puts yours to shame. LOL

  • This is such a fantastically unique idea. Way to bring bloggers together by showing all of us that our modest workspace is so similar to others’. I have just a little corner desk in my apartment where I typically blog, and so do such a great number of people from what I see! So fun. Thanks for sharing this, C.C.!

  • Steven Buehler

    Had my mobile setup published there a short time ago. Of course the Apple keyboard’s since been replaced with a Microsoft Wedge.