Eager to Get Out and Get Going

The Spring Thaw

Every year around this time it begins to happen. The days get warmer. The snow begins to melt. The birds begin to return and mud is everywhere.

Spring is in the air and that fills me with the itch to be outside and on the trails.

I’ve been wearing my hiking boots almost every day to break them in more. They haven’t been dirtied nearly enough, so every time there is caked mud on them I can’t help but smile.

This year, the goal is to get out more than usual. There are always time conflicts and other priorities, but I know that if I’m outside it means that I’m more active. It means that the computer is off and the desk chair empty. My life needs more of that.

Plus, the crisp air and smell of balsam recharges my batteries unlike anything else. It is good for the soul and the body.

One difference is I find myself thinking about more gear when I’m out. I’ve rarely brought cameras and other things in the past beyond a simple point and shoot, but I think that is about to change.

Recently, I discovered the gear from f-stop and my browser has spent many hours looking through their packs. Their marketing videos are dangerously fun and certainly have fueled my desire to get out and get shooting (and possibly using their gear).

With the amount of snow we got this year, it’ll still be a few more weeks before I can really get out there. Sure, I recently went snowshoeing and that was awesome, but I want to put some miles under my boots and right now it would do more damage to the trail than it is worth so I’ll wait.

Anyone else I know eager to get out there? I’d love to connect for adventures with more people and my pack or kayak is always ready to go!

  • The best way to get outside more is to *make* it a priority in your life. Think of it as a business investment, and I’ll bet you do it more often. That’s how I view my “down” time.

    • Oh I don’t need to go that far.

      It has ALWAYS been a crucial part of my life.

      But, when you have kids, camps and other family activities it does get in the way. No way around it.

      We get out as much as we can.

  • Jonathan Hutchinson

    I have made a goal to hike 60 miles this year. I am well on my way with already 26 miles done in January and February. Unless something happens I should easily break my goal.

    • That IS an easy goal, but a good one.

      I didn’t put any mile goals on me, but I want to get outside at least once a week. Even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood.

      • Jonathan Hutchinson

        At first I did not want to make it a goal. I barely did 60 last year but was not as motivated at the beginning of last year as I was at the end. That has carried over into this year. If I can dodge the bad weather I should make that goal by April.