I’ve always been an observer.

Watching the world go by and how people act in it. Seeing how they react to one thing, while ignoring another. Pondering people’s actions as they choose to help some and chastise others.

Lately my observations have shown me that as a society our priorities are fucked.

If I turned on any news network in America right now I would know the latest celebrity gossip, hear more “breaking news” about how we haven’t found a missing plane or see death and destruction in whatever form it has shown up in today.

Go online and there will be proclamations of the death of a social network, link baiting posts galore and more selfies/healthies/besties than you can shake a stick at.

Last weekend, I could barely get any attention for the sustainability work we were doing with A3, but if I wrote a post today on the Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your ROI Through Innovative Content Marketing Initiatives I’d have hundreds of retweets without people ever reading it.

Did you know that while you were complaining about whatever is bugging you today, over 200 girls were kidnapped and are still missing in Nigeria? Or that while you were snapping a photo of your lunch that there was a Ebola outbreak happening?

Every day I read about a new startup being given a pile of money. I’m all for businesses growing and succeeding, but when I see tens of millions of dollars being given for an idea just so that they can build a huge office and play beer pong it bothers me. Why can’t any of those dollars be given to organizations trying to improve education, find cures to diseases or trying to make the world better than it is right now?

I miss the days when we shared what we were thinking about, listening to and working on rather than always trying to be a critic and expert.

I miss when the news was about journalism before ratings.

I wonder if our elected officials will ever remember that they work for usย and begin working together for the good of our country instead of working for those who write them the biggest checks.

I wonder if enough people out there remember what it is like to live their lives without a piece of technology in their hands.

The world is a big place and each day it feels a bit smaller thanks to the hyper connected nature of technology empowering us. This also shines a light on actions, decisions and mistakes by everyone around us.

People seem to have forgot how to have good manners, treat friends with respect and do business on a handshake.

The rain continues to fall outside my window. The linked filled updates with no real meaning continue to fall down my screens.

I know where my priorities lie and I’m comfortable with them. I just wish more people took a long hard look at their own.

  • Jamie Wallace

    This post made me wince.
    I agree with everything you’ve said, and yet it’s still hard to read it – there in black and white on the screen.
    There is so much wrong – very, very wrong – with the world and our priorities.
    There is so much more each of us can – and should – do.
    But it’s overwhelming.
    It’s scary.
    It’s hard to open our eyes and look at just how bad it’s gotten.
    It’s easier to distract ourselves with the things that aren’t real and don’t matter. The small talk.
    And it’s certainly easier to talk than to act. Gods forbid we DO anything about anything.

    There shouldn’t be any “buts.”
    No one person can solve the world’s problems, but – as you noted – there are small things we can do.
    We can have good manners, treat people with respect, and stand by our word.
    We can be kind. We can care. We can do small things to make small differences.
    We can turn away from the circus of distraction and take a good, hard look at reality – not just our own reality, but humanity’s reality.
    Because we’re all in this together and everything that happens eventually affects each one of us.

    Thank you for putting this out into the world.

    • I think that is why I hit post.

      For days I was pondering this in my head and wondering if I should or would ever write it down and share. I thought about just writing my thoughts down in my journal, but I knew that wouldn’t do any good.

      By sharing it here at least a few other people would see it and hopefully it would hit home for them.

      • Jamie Wallace

        I have found that the posts I hesitate to publish are the ones that touch people the most. So glad you followed your instincts. I can almost see the ripples extending out from this page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hope there are some BIG ripples.

  • 110% agree. We all need to put work back into just being good humans, treating others well and helping those we can help. Thank you CC.

    • Exactly!!!!

      The saying “help your fellow man” seems to have been forgotten by too many.

  • Jennifer Pipe

    I read this, I agree, and then I think about 50 ways we could be collaborating to make the world a better place. I think I consistently put my money where my mouth is and my work is dedicated to making the world a better place, elevating humanity, and reconnecting people of all ages with a strong moral compass. But every once in a while I escape from the pressure and the challenge of being one fish pushing back against an insurmountable school by posting something that could definitely be deemed “meaningless.” Even the best of us need to numb out every once in a while. But I am aware, I am so hyper aware of the state of the world today that it physically hurts sometimes.

    • I often go back to a great book called Wrecked by Jeff Goins.

      it talks about how those of us who truly want to help those around us can never escape the pain of not being able to do enough. I think back to that quite often.

  • foodphilosophy

    All I can say to this is Amen, brother.

  • ilinap

    1000x…YES to all of this.

  • The one thing I noticed when I finally started added people to my circles in Google Plus: 90% of the posts I’m now seeing are more or less how to make yourself or brand successful with Google Plus or watch my super duper seminar on Google Plus (with the assumed prospect of making money). Really?

    It seems to me more and more that people are more interested in using the medium to make money for themselves or boost themselves rather than light up their world. I admit I’m guilty of this from time to time.

    My blog: (yes, I know; shameless self-promotion).

    • Wow, I don’t see any of that. You obviously are circling very different people than I do ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve become ruthless on cutting out all the constant “buy me” “buy this” sort of people. I can see that anywhere, I don’t need to see it in my feeds.

  • Dan York

    Awesome rant, C.C.! And I *completely* agree! Thanks for writing it.

  • Hopemiracles1982

    Thank you for sharing. Have to admit I don’t have tv. I don’t buy the newspapers. I skip radio, I have Srius, no advertisements, just fun loving music. I walk through the woods or by the river bed. I send notes to neighbours. The world of being in touch with what is true in this world seems to have disappeared. We, as humans, must talk to each other, care for each other and share all our blessings. Why are there people starving when “we” are a nation of over obese people? Why are our elderly lonely when they graced us with their hard work to provide us with our necessities? You are correct, time to see each other and help those in need.

  • angusnelson

    Double fricken’ fist bump CC! Just attended Q Conference last week and our family is in the middle of shifting and being vigilant in both our values and contributions to the world. Appreciate you, man!

  • WOW! How much do I la la la la LOVE your Priorities C.C.? Thank you for so eloquently capturing the conversation in my head… and heart… as I observe meaningless movement and investment of energy in the world. May I add one sentence? “Please stop the glorification of being busy… 24/7. It’s a made up belief system that doesn’t serve anyone or our planet.” Blowing you kisses filled with deep appreciation for your insights, wisdom, talent for writing, and the courage to fully express them all. MUAH!

    • Our USA

      Thank you so much Ande for introducing me to the work of C.C. Chapman! I really, really was thinking those very same thoughts this morning. So glad to know I’m not alone.

      • My pleasure Our USA… I’ve been a HUGE fan of C.C. for years… love his View of the World. MUAH!

      • Glad you liked it.

    • SO glad that it hit home for you. I knew that many would react to this and I’m glad I didn’t hold it back like I originally thought about doing.