Simpler Satisfies Me


This weekend my dear friends Thomas and Laurie got married.

It was a beautiful celebration of their love and the smiles on their faces give me every hope that they will be a couple that will have a long life full of smiles and happiness.

The photo above is of their guest book. Instead of a pearly white, Hallmark bought, puffy book, they chose an approach I had not seen before. A good old fashion typewriter.

My wife and I giggled as we looked around the room and wondered if a majority of the crowd had ever actually loaded paper into one. Had ever felt the pushback a key gives until you give it just enough of a slap to make it do your bidding on the page. Would they be scared by any mistakes they made being shown on the page for all eternity?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I’m loving a bit of a return to the old and more simpler.

It is why you’ll find me writing in Field Notes and carrying a GORUCK or Saddleback Leather wherever I roam. It is why I’m looking forward to being on the road this summer with the family and not having a completed plan.

Next weekend, I’ll find myself in Fargo, North Dakota for MisfitCon and it is the most excited I’ve been for a conference in a long time. The excitement comes from it being held in a small city that I’ve never been to. I know it won’t be the usual hustle and bustle that comes from a conference and the simpler nature inspires me.

Technology excites me and empowers me to create, share and do things that matter around the globe. But, at the end of the day it is simpler things that satisfy my soul.

  • I’m always looking around local Goodwill shops for a “new” typewriter. I finally got rid of my trusty Canon Typestar when they stopped making ribbons for it. I also find myself using my Livescribe tools less and less because most apps (Evernote, OneNote) will read the snapshots of the pages imported by the user.
    Of course, my handwriting gets atrocious after about five minutes.

    • I’ve been thinking for a while now about how I’d love to get a typewriter to use from time to time.

      • I can tell you that Brother still makes and sells them, but I’d kill for an ol’ IBM Selectric or WheelWriter. I suppose a Canon TypeStar would be useful but without a ribbon one would be limited to typing on thermal paper. Smith-Corona no longer makes typewriters but they still sell the supplies for them.
        As far as bags, I just got a Lowepro StreamLine 250 that fits my tablet and appurtenances just fine, and still has room for a camera or two.

  • Jonathan Hutchinson

    Just got my first GORUCK ruck last Friday. Took it out on Saturday and made my goal of 60 miles hiking this year. I have been trying to simplify since last summer. Its hard to do but I feel better when I do it.

    • Nicely done. Which one did you get?

      • Jonathan Hutchinson

        Thanks. I got the Bullet Ruck 10. It is smaller than the pack I was using yet holds more and is more comfortable than any pack I have used in years.

      • Nice choice. Little one for sure, but gets the job done.