The Words Will Always Be There


Many mornings and late nights, this is the view I find before me.

As a writer, I spend hours of quality time with my keyboard and computer. As a creature of habit I tend to sit here when I write rather than kicked back on my leather couch with a laptop. Routines make it possible to write. At least that is what I tell myself.

A fellow writer was having a rough moment on Twitter just now and I encouraged him to walk away because the words would always be there waiting for him.

I pondered that for a bit and as I hit the keys now so that you can read them I am still pondering.

What has me pondering is the worry that maybe the words won’t always be there.

Case in point. The other night I read a headline and instantly had a short story idea. I didn’t write it down and justified it to myself that if it was really something I wanted to do that I’d remember it.

That is lazy logic and a bad idea. Pardon me while I go and write it down this moment.

Now, I have the idea captured and as I wrote it in my brain doodles notebook I actually added a twist ending I hadn’t thought of originally. Always write down your ideas!

This is what I love about being a writer. You can tweet out a random thought, it leads to a blog post and in the end you have a solid short story idea. Oh the magic and mystery of one’s brain.

Today the words seem to be on my side. Should I take that as a sign to do more writing on my next book? It has been coming together rather nicely even if we have not sold it yet.

I’m also working on an eBook with a friend and a second eBook for YSN since our first one on jobs of the future did so well.

So many words. So many possibilities.

I’d like to think that the words will always be there. What do you think?

  • Great thoughts CC! I’d like to think the words will always be there as long as we have the courage to look for them.

    • See, that is what I’m kind of thinking too.

      Doesn’t mean that FINDING the words is easy, but few things worth finding are.

      I’m kind of giggling how I sat down to write something completely different, got distracted by Twitter and then wrote this.

  • I think the words can always be there if you put the work in. You have to write regularly and stick with it, but you also have to feed your mind. Get away from the keyboard and have experiences and interactions with others. Live life. Reading widely and interacting with others will inspire you. Taking time to feed another part of yourself, be it through exercise, hobbies, whatever interests you, will renew your creative energy and keep your mind focused. Sometimes a break is just what writers need.

    • I’m definitely in agreement with you on feeding your brain.

      I changed my reading habits last year so that I’d switch between non-fiction and fiction with each book I’ve read. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t get frustrated if a book wasn’t working and I dumped it. Happened last year a couple of times.

      • After I earned a master’s in literature, I decided I was never again going to finish I book I wasn’t enjoying or didn’t have to. Life is too short to read a bad book!

  • The words won’t necessarily always be there. That’s why you had to write your story idea down. It’s why we all carry notebooks, use Evernote, or jot things into other apps or books. It’s why we have written history. The concepts will arise time and again, but the words—the exact words that could have been unique and powerful—probably won’t take shape in the same form. That’s why you write; to preserve those words. But then, maybe the new words will express the concepts in a better way.

  • Sometimes the words dance in my head and mind’s eye so quickly, they strike a pose only for a moment, and then they’re gone. Yes, I journal. Yes, I write things down. But sometimes the dance is just too fast. Cheers! Kaarina

    • “The dance” can be vicious sometimes.

      I especially hate dancing with shadows everywhere.

      • So true. BTW…I love your mug 🙂

      • Which one?

      • The white one with the warrior and pencils. Love it:) BTW @cc_chapman:disqus, your reply came into my inbox yesterday, but only appeared here for me to respond to today. Very curious…

      • Ah yes, that is a TrendyMisfit mug. The quote on the other side is “The Gods Favor the Bold!” I love it.

      • Me too!

  • I believe the words WILL always be there. For me, it’s the finding and capturing of those words that can be difficult. I need to become a better “hunter” and not make so much noise when stalking my prey.

    Love this post, C.C.

    • Some days I feel like the hunted. Like the words are taunting me to find them!

      Good luck.

  • Thibault HACHE

    I hope too they will always be there. And if one day, they come with more difficulty, all that has been written will remain. To me it will be the time for to remember all that was, and give thanks for that.

  • If you think, you are. If you are, the words are there.

    Which words will be there is a different question but as long as you breathe there will be words.