This Week WILL Be a Good One

Spring Blooms in Boston

Every morning as each kid leaves for school I tell them, “Make it a great day. I love you.”

It is my little way of nudging them to remember that while there will be forces out of their control pushing and pulling on them all day, that in the end they control their mental fortitude and can decide if it is a good day or not.

These past few weeks have not been good for me. Without a clear vision to work towards, I find myself fumbling rather than focusing. This has caused many dark hours filled with frustration and concern.

Sometimes we don’t know when a simple, throw away statement might have a dramatic effect on us.

This weekend Dylan made a comment that hit like a ray of light.

I was reading Issue 0 of The Collective Quarterly and after telling him what it was all about he grinned and said, “I could see you doing that. It sounds exactly like something you’d do.”

It was a reminder of the path that I want to walk. The one that I have been walking and seem to steer off of from time to time for one reason or another.

My dear Friend Tamsen recently told me, “C.C. you are a creator. That is what you do.”

The more I thought about that statement, the more I stumbled over it. But, then as I thought about it some more, I realized that she is correct. No matter what I’ve been doing, I’m happiest when I’m creating. Some days it is a marketing campaign, other days it is a keynote speech or it is a photo spread for a client. Heck, just making dinner for my family counts as a form of creating.

All of them make me extremely happy and satisfy the eternal itch inside of me.

Maybe I’m just like all the trees in my yard who are starting to wake up and bloom. Perhaps the gray early days of spring added to my distraction and now that the sun has returned I can wake up and get back to work.

It doesn’t hurt that last night I got a Snap from Millie Garfield telling me how she keeps a copy of Amazing Things Will Happen on her bedside table. Her smile and enthusiasm helped remind me that getting out of my rut is crucial because other people appreciate what I create.

No more waiting for something to happen. No more waiting for one of these multiple opportunities to actually move closer to something final. If I’m not going to push things forward, no one else is going to.

So, if I owe you an email, an interview, something signed or anything else I’m aiming to get to them all this week.

There have been a couple of tasks crying out for my attention and they are finally going to get completed.

This week WILL be a good week because the last few have sucked and I know only I can turn it around and move forward.

Make it a great day.

  • Kids can be amazing at picking up exactly what their parent needs. Something similar happened to me during a dark time early last year, which I wrote about here –

    • Amen my friend. They DO have that effect on us and I love that you shared that a single text message was all it took.

      Hope you and the family are well!!!

  • Often the act of creation first requires an act of destruction — not always of a physical object, but sometimes even a negative idea or self-doubt that holds us back from, to paraphrase your book title, making amazing things happen. Sometimes a simple statement like you make to your children can refocus and recharge you; perhaps this blog post has done the trick?!

    • The Phoenix metaphor is one I think about quite often!

  • Sometimes life is a monumental slog that you just have to grind through. Keep going. You’ll reach the other side. Maybe soon. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter because you’ll learn and be better for the journey, however long it takes. And like the swimming phase of a triathlon, look around. There are lots of us swimming right along side you.

    • Oh I know it for sure. I have zero doubt about any of this, but the muddy and quick sand filled spots are the ones that get to your soul some days and these last few weeks have certainly been it.

      I know that the other side will be better. I’m eager to get there though.

  • We all make our own destinies my friend. It is up to us to do something to make our ideas or thoughts become a reality.

    • Thank you for that.

      You’ve been more of an inspiration than you realize.

  • Pamela Slim

    I have so been there. Your instinct to push forward and create is SO the answer. Stay in your zone, keep those good thoughts coming and things will happen. Sending big hugs and good vibes your way. <3

    • Thank you. Little nudges like this mean the world to me and I can’t wait until we can hug, sit down and talk more. I’m hoping that will be soon. Fargo perhaps?

  • When I was in the middle of nearly four years of unemployment, a local church offered me the chance to do some video editing work to prepare their pastor’s sermon videos for streaming online. It was very basic editing work but they paid me for it, even though it ended up never being used (they elected to go live streaming instead), but it kept me going even though it wasn’t something I normally do for a 9-to-5 (I’m a data analyst; multimedia has been more of a hobby).

  • I think that, no matter how resilient you are…no matter how positive and optimistic…no matter how joyful you are in life and with your life…you can still hit a brick wall sometimes. I so relate to disappointment right now. There have been quite a few lately, and they’ve piled up high enough that I’ve had to stand on tiptoe to see light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s always there. Just have to go over, under, around or crashing through that brick wall. See you on the other side:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Sorry to hear you’ve hit a rough patch. It is never easy, but it sounds like you’ve got the right attitude to make it through.

      You know I”m cheering for you.

      • And ditto back at’cha 🙂 We’re the only ones who can make a difference in our lives and circumstances and to quote: choice, not chance, determines our destiny:)

    • Sometimes we just gotta step aside and let the train in the tunnel take out the wall (in my case, I ended up filing for bankruptcy).
      I’ve also had to consider that I will probably never actually make a paycheck from the kind of work that I feel matters, so I’ve looked for jobs that may not necessarily matter, but that I enjoy nonetheless and that pays the bills so I can do the work that really matters to me.

  • So many possibilities await a creator like you C.C…. the best path for this time in your life will present itself. Being willing to hang out in the mystery is how we allow new opportunities in alignment with our purpose to unfold. Cheering you on and celebrating your journey… with deep appreciation… Ande

  • Dan York

    Good post, C.C.! I think we’ve all had those occasional times… I certainly have… the times when everything seems like you are moving through molasses and it’s hard to get fired up… but you are 100% right when you end with “I know only I can turn it around and move forward.” Hopefully this post of putting those thoughts out there publicly will help you move forward! Best wishes!