Trusting Your Gut - The Most Important Life Lesson


Once again I found myself with a major decision. One that would have ripple effects over the rest of my life.

A familiar feeling had arrived that I hadn’t felt in a few years and had hoped I’d never feel again.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I knew what had to be done even as I ignored it for several weeks and tried to push past it.

Trusting your gut is something that is crucial in business and life. The more you know yourself and what is important to you, the better you get at recognizing the feeling and knowing what has to be done.

THAT is what I wanted to talk about on Episode 131 of Managing the Gray.

  • mwedwards

    I agree that trusting your gut is something that is so important …. I needed to hear this. Thank you!

  • Trust your gut: it will rarely steer you wrong. And if on occasion it does, then simply accepting, changing and moving on is wise. I find it fairly common among clients that they can clearly and emphatically state what they DON’T want, but when I ask: “Can you articulate clearly to me that which you DO want?”…crickets.

    It’s so important to know in your heart, head and soul what’s important…what’s your purpose…and then choose a path to get you there, one step at a time. I know great things will be in store for you. Cheers! Kaarina

  • You should also check out this interview with Daniel Kahneman and Gary Klein when it comes to trusting your gut. They “failed to disagree” on the value of intuition versus a rational approach.

    They came up with the two conditions necessary for intuition to be more reliable:

    – Predictability
    – Opportunities for learning (+ve and -ve feedback on previous decisions)

    New Scientist had a great article in 2007 on decision making. One learning point for me is that there is a difference between our satisfaction with the decision made and whether it was the best choice.

    For complex decisions you may find that trusting your gut feels better. Trying to rationalise it, controlling for all the complex factors, is hard and you may never feel you’ve made the right choice even when you have made the optimum choice. I suspect feeling good about a decision inclines you to making it successful.