C.C. Chapman at Boston Creative Mornings

Teaching Fuels My Soul

After plenty of soul searching, I think I’ve come to realize that teaching is more important to me than I ever knew.

MisfitCon 2015

The Magic of Misfitcon

Once again Misfitcon has occurred and once again it has had a profound effect on my life and all who took part.


The Once and Future PR Professional

Last night, I took part in a panel to discuss “The Once and Future PR Professional” put on by the Publicity Club of New England and hosted by SHIFT Communications.

It was an intimate conversation that covered a lot of ground.

I was honored to be on the panel with Steve Quigley from Boston University, Erica Seidel of The Connective Good and Liz Segran from Fast Company. We were moderated by Amy Lyons, President at SHIFT and she did a great job keeping the conversation flowing and everything on track.

We discussed how colleges need to evolve to insure that students are graduating with the skills the marketplace

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You May Call Me Professor Chapman

As a proud graduate of Bentley University, I’m excited to announce that I’m teaching my first class there as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing.


Action 2015

Dylan was invited to take part in the United States kick off event for Action 2015 in Washington, DC.

The Valley

The Valley

Marcus had reached the age when boys went through The Awakening and returned as men. That is if they returned at all.

Christmas Family

The Random Monday

Anyone else think that today is a weird day every year? That Monday between Christmas and New Years.

Definition of Presence


Roxie’s passing has me thinking about a lot of things and at this moment it is around the meanings of ‘presence.’

Photo by Russ Rowland

Humans, We Have a Problem

I refuse to allow myself to remain silent about the swirling hate and abuse of power happening around me. I don’t have the solutions, but I have a voice and today I need to share my thoughts.

What is Rucking

What Is Rucking?

Ever wondered what is rucking? I wrote this post so that I’d have a place to link to every time someone asks me.