Five Days in the Desert With Nokia

Nokia brought a diverse group of influencers to Las Vegas to spend quality time with their new Lumia 1520. I was lucky enough to be one of the invited.

Snowy Morning

Create From Your Head and Heart First

I watch as the snow falls outside my office window as the flurry of updates fall across my HootSuite screen.

While every snow storm is different and unique, the links, lists and reviews continue to be the same old same old.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized I should fire up the microphone and record the first episode of Managing the Gray for 2014.

Listen and you’ll hear me think about and work out my thoughts around the first hours of the new year and how I hope people will choose to create in the future.

See you at NMX

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Tea Time

The Quiet Days

In a mere few days we will flip our calendars to a new year.

2014 promises to be an interesting one, but honestly would you want to live in a world where you wouldn’t think that about the upcoming 365 days? The mere thought of how bad things would have to be for that sort of thought saddens me to my core.

These are the quiet days of the year for me and I love them.

The weather gets gray, the demands slow down and I can really spend more time just wandering and wondering.

I started my three word exercise the other night

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My cat Mustang watches the snow

Checking In

A quick sign of life so that you know I’m still out here working hard, taking photos and living life.

Filming at Lynda

Content Marketing Fundamentals Course

I’m excited to announce that my new class Content Marketing Fundamentals¬†is now live. Current subscribers can enroll and start watching immediately.

If you have never heard of, I’ve been a fan for years. Their all you can eat pricing model is why I’ve always liked them.

They only work with the top teachers in any given field and I’ve watched everything from photography classes to creative inspirations on their site.

This is my second course with them (first was Insights from a Content Marketer) that the photo above is from. I have two more coming out in the new year

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CC Chapman in Istanbul

Istanbul in One Day

Travel journal from C.C. Chapman and the twenty four hours he spent in Istanbul.

Emily Reads

Reading Makes the World a Better Place

Today is National Family Literacy Day and I’m helping raise money for a great cause works hard to insure that families around the country discover the power of reading and get all the assistance needed to make that a reality.