Tea Time

The Quiet Days

In a mere few days we will flip our calendars to a new year.

2014 promises to be an interesting one, but honestly would you want to live in a world where you wouldn’t think that about the upcoming 365 days? The mere thought of how bad things would have to be for that sort of thought saddens me to my core.

These are the quiet days of the year for me and I love them.

The weather gets gray, the demands slow down and I can really spend more time just wandering and wondering.

I started my three word exercise the other night

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My cat Mustang watches the snow

Checking In

A quick sign of life so that you know I’m still out here working hard, taking photos and living life.

Filming at Lynda

Content Marketing Fundamentals Course

I’m excited to announce that my new class Content Marketing Fundamentals¬†is now live. Current subscribers can enroll and start watching immediately.

If you have never heard of, I’ve been a fan for years. Their all you can eat pricing model is why I’ve always liked them.

They only work with the top teachers in any given field and I’ve watched everything from photography classes to creative inspirations on their site.

This is my second course with them (first was Insights from a Content Marketer) that the photo above is from. I have two more coming out in the new year

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Emily Reads

Reading Makes the World a Better Place

Today is National Family Literacy Day and I’m helping raise money for a great cause works hard to insure that families around the country discover the power of reading and get all the assistance needed to make that a reality.

IdeaFestival 2013

IdeaFestival 13 – Space, Soil and Sherlock

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend IdeaFestival 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky.

This yearly gathering of the eternally curious is easily one of my favorite conferences. I always leave with tons of brain nibbles that keep me thinking long after I’ve returned home.

Up front, I need to thank the team for flying me down and taking care of me while there. All they ask in return is that I share my thoughts with those who will listen and I’m happy to do so.

Sadly, I had to miss the first day of the festival which focuses on the

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My Appearance on And That’s The Truth With Terry Whitaker

Earlier this year I was asked to come in for an interview with Terry Whitaker for her show And That’s the Truth.

We talked about my theater background, career and determination to make the world a better place. Of course we also chatted a bit about Amazing Things Will Happen.

This was kind of trippy to watch since it was filmed so long ago and some things have changed, but overall I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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Natalie Gelman

Natalie Gelman

Photo I took the night I fell in love with the voice of singer and songwriter Natalie Gelman.

Hambo13 Sulky

My First Taste of Harness Racing

Before arriving in New Jersey yesterday, I knew almost nothing about the sport and history of harness racing. Until I was invited to cover The Hambletonian I knew very little.

Turns out that it is a pretty big deal in many parts of the globe. Both Sweden and France love it. There are even equestrian tours that go around the globe to visit farms, tracks and races.

The first thing I noticed when I got to The Meadowlands Racetrack is the old school vibe of the place. You know that it has been here for years and has seen tens of thousands

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Amazing Week

An Amazing Week Begins

With the Fourth of July and World Domination Summit on my calendar I know this is going to be an amazing week!


Quality Time

Quality time is the best kind of time for a family to spend together.

Keynote Speaker CC Chapman

Busy Speaking Schedule

Keynote speaking has been keeping me very busy lately, but I love doing it so there is nothing to complain about.

victoria breakwater

Wandering and Wondering

Never forget that we don’t need a map to find our way. Yesterday, as I took my camera for a walk along the coast of Victoria, British Columbia I had no purpose beyond enjoying every minute of it.