A Minute of Peace

A Minute of Peace

With all the horrible things that have happened here in Boston and around the world this week, I thought we could all use a minute of peace.

Forest of Focus

Finding Focus in a Forest of Possibilities

Forest of Focus

Spring has begun to arrive in New England and the dark cobwebs of winter will begin to be shook out of the gray matter with each breeze of fresh air I feel on my face.

The woods that hug our property are currently a tangle of brush and trees that soon will be covered in an assortment of leaves. No longer will you see the mess that they are today, but rather they will be transformed into a beautiful wall of all that is good in nature.

As goes the woods, so goes my mind, mood and mental. These days are always dark, confusing and a bit of a mess. The calendar flips and these torment filled hours arrive. It takes a few before I remember that it is commonplace, my normal and that it will pass. Yet, in the midst of this forest of the unknown it always scares me a bit as I try to find my way out.

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Amazing Things at SXSW

Earlier this month I was in Austin for my yearly time at SXSW and this year I did a book reading for Amazing Things Will Happen.

The recording is now available.

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BlissDom Coffee

BlissDom Was Amazing

It was fun to be one of only a handful of men at the best (and only) women’s conference I’ve ever been to.


The Shift

There is another evolution happening to the web as we know it. Are you ready for the ride?

Chase & C.C.

Thai With Chase

Never forget that quality time happens a lot easier face-to-face rather than online.

40 Days of Water

40 Days of Water

A new campaign to raise awareness and money to help bring clean drinking water to those in need.


When Did We Lose Our Manners?


This morning I stood outside the central parking garage at Boston Logan Airport.

The chill of six am New England was biting and several of us waited for the elevator ding on the 7th floor. Our crowd grew as it appeared the elevator wasn’t fully awake either.

The doors opened and we began piling in. I paused and motioned for the two women to go first. The other men around me had decided they didn’t need to let them go first. I was raised better than that.

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Stop Eating Baby Food

People today only want to consume what is easy and glooped together. Can’t we do better than that?

Young CC With Blocks

Origin Stories

We need to talk more about our pasts to make our current relationships even stronger.