This is NOT The Internet

The Internet Is NOT High School

I’m sick of everyone thinking they have to impress people. There are no lockers and hallways on the Internet.

Backyard Battle

Brands Battle For My Allegiance

Reflecting on the technology brands I’m currently aligned with and pondering how that may change in the future.

Keynote Speaker CC Chapman

Busy Speaking Schedule

Keynote speaking has been keeping me very busy lately, but I love doing it so there is nothing to complain about.

victoria breakwater

Wandering and Wondering

Never forget that we don’t need a map to find our way.

Yesterday, as I took my camera for a walk along the coast of Victoria, British Columbia I had no purpose beyond enjoying every minute of it.

Before I left I had looked at a map to get a general idea of where I was headed and where I might end up, but then I just went.

When was the last time you committed some time to yourself to wander and wonder?

Make the time. It will reinvigorate both your mind and body.

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Budding Dogwood

Social Media Spring Cleaning

This time of year finds me cleaning out the gutters of social media with everything that clogs them up.


It Was a Rough Week

Some weeks are rougher than others. This past one sucked.

Boston Strong

Making Sure to Remain #BostonStrong

Instead of writing today, I decided to power up the microphone and hit record.

I’m doing my best to remain #BostonStrong and I encourage everyone to do the same today.

Make it a great one.

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A Minute of Peace

A Minute of Peace

With all the horrible things that have happened here in Boston and around the world this week, I thought we could all use a minute of peace.


A Day Away From It All

Escaping the reality of Boston for a few hours in the mountains of New Hampshire.