The Shift

There is another evolution happening to the web as we know it. Are you ready for the ride?

Chase & C.C.

Thai With Chase

Never forget that quality time happens a lot easier face-to-face rather than online.

40 Days of Water

40 Days of Water

A new campaign to raise awareness and money to help bring clean drinking water to those in need.


When Did We Lose Our Manners?


This morning I stood outside the central parking garage at Boston Logan Airport.

The chill of six am New England was biting and several of us waited for the elevator ding on the 7th floor. Our crowd grew as it appeared the elevator wasn’t fully awake either.

The doors opened and we began piling in. I paused and motioned for the two women to go first. The other men around me had decided they didn’t need to let them go first. I was raised better than that.

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Stop Eating Baby Food

People today only want to consume what is easy and glooped together. Can’t we do better than that?

Young CC With Blocks

Origin Stories

We need to talk more about our pasts to make our current relationships even stronger.

FiOS I Got It

FiOS – The Moment I Got It

FiOS I Got It

In a former life, Verizon FiOS was a client of mine and we did a huge campaign in the early days of the service. Involving a television show, web site, live events and even a talking teddy bear, it was a project that I had a lot of fun being part. Watch the case study video here.

So, when I was approached to take part in FiOS Ambassador Program, I was happy to do so.

One of my assignments was to share the story of the moment I “got” FiOS. They were not asking about the date I physically got it installed in my house, but that moment when the lightbulb in my head went off and #IGotIt!

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