Looking Up

Rest In Peace

A well lived life is a series of remarkable moments.

We have no idea how many moments we are going to live while we walk the earth.

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Celebrating Amazing Things Will Happen with the Help of Macallan 25

When It Becomes Real

In today’s world why does it take seeing my book on a store shelf to make it truly feel real?

CC Chapman Speaks at TEDxLaceMarket

My TEDx Experience

They say you’ll always remember your first time and that is certainly true for my first time on a TEDx stage.


Sandy Got Me Thinking

Are you and your family ready for disaster? Hurricane Sandy certainly got me thinking about if we were ready enough or not.

Java Is My Homeboy

Java Is My Homeboy

The latest product from GORUCK was a huge surprise for me since it uses one of my photos. I love it!

Detroit Collage

A Day in Detroit

My first time in Detroit left me hungry for more and I can’t wait to go back.


Being GORUCK Tough

The GORUCK Challenge is an event that builds character, confidence and friendships. Find out more.


Being Silly

Somedays the only thing that can keep you sane is being silly.


A Day At the Beach

Letting your mind wander from time to time is critical. Don’t forget to take a day at the beach once and a while to let this happen.

C.C. Chapman Interviews Dae Mellencamp

The Future of Vimeo

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vimeo President, Dae Mellencamp earlier this year to talk about the power of online video.

Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road

When you remember to say sorry, you can turn almost any mistake into a positive experience. #PositivelySocial



Beliefs are something each of us has. But, do we ever need to push them on others? To each their own I say.

Do it for the love

Do It For The Love

I’m sick of watching people only creating because they hope for glory or money. What happened to doing something because you love doing it?