Ashesi University

Ashesi University

Ashesi University in Ghana is pulling out all the stops to attract the best and brightest of Africa.


Vimeo Festival + Awards

.tv Advocate C.C. Chapman sits down with the co-directors of the Vimeo Festival + Awards to discuss what the event is all about.


The Signs of War

A beautiful story of a veteran and how he remembers his fellow fallen soldiers every year.


Kids Grow Up Fast

This morning when the kids came down for school they both had on some new ONE gear I had snagged then when I was in DC so I had to take this photo as they headed to the bus.

Dylan has really changed from a little boy into a young man this year.

Need proof? Here is the photo I took of them only back in September on the first day of school. Crazy!

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Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty is an issue that many people do not know about yet, but it is one we need to start paying attention to.

Mother’s Day With Motorola

C.C. Chapman and the other Cast of Dads were sponsored by Motorola to make a video sharing how they spent Mother’s Day with a new Droid Razr.

First Date

Brands Only Want to Date?

When will brands realize that forming a long term relationship with bloggers is better than a bunch of one night stands?

It Really Is This Simple

I was watching CNN the other morning and there was an ad that basicly went along the lines of:

“You’ve had the sex talk. You’ve had the drug talk. But, what about the race talk?”

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The Passing of MCA

Music is a very important part of my life.

I hear certain songs and instantly I’m transported back in time to certain memories associated with it.

Now, I may never have been that huge of a Beastie Boys fan, but I dug their tunes and they were a defining band of my youth. When the news broke yesterday that Adam “MCA” Yauch had lost his battle with cancer it hit me like a ton of bricks.¬†Forty¬†seven is far to young to pass away and it was horribly sad.

Last night, Coldplay played this tribute to him. Any child of the 80’s who can

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GAVI Ceremony

Audio Updates from Ghana

Quick audio updates from Ghana including a conversation with an HIV+ Mother, doctors at Africa’s third largest hospital and a bit from the GAVI Alliance Vaccine Celebration.

Ghana Entrepreneurs

Ghana Has Changed Me

Second day in Ghana with one and I’ve seen some of the worst and the best of what is happening to the people here.