Happy 50th Birthday

Guess who is turning 50? One of my favorites.

Go here to wish them a happy birthday and to help a great cause.

I totally needed a pick me up like this just now.

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Attack Plans

Taking a true vacation while swimming in the new media pool can be a tough thing and I’m going to realize that next week when I’m in Nashville. This is family time. The kids are on vacation and we are going away. Sure there is a concert one night, but I did turn down a speaking opportunity while I was there which wasn’t easy. I’ve let everyone know that I’m going to be gone, but at the same time I know I’m never totally disconnected (unless I’m in a canoe in the Boundary Waters *grin*)

I just want to make sure

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Accident Hash 215 – Old Friends With New Tunes

Full show notes here.

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Sometimes I think every morning should start off with an Accident Hash. It certainly puts me in the right frame of mind, but I know it’s not a reality.

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Yes To Carrots

I’m really excited about a new client that crayon is working with called Yes to Carrots.

They are a hair and skin care company that is all natural. I’ve seen it called a “wellness product.” The quick and easy description is Dead Sea Mud mixed with carrots, but of course I’m generalizing. Their website does a much better job of describing it then me.

You can only buy the products currently through but we are hoping to expand that more in the near future.

We are working on setting up a way for bloggers and podcasters to try out the product so

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Pick Jaffe’s Cover

My buddy Joseph Jaffe is letting the public pick the cover of his next book. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Cast your vote on his survey.

And no, I’m not going to tell you which one I voted for. *grin*

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Life Force

This morning I posed the question “What Is YOUR Life Force?” on the crayon blog.

Ever since I posted it, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I’ve got several things that drive me.

If you have a second, surf on over and share your thoughts. I’m going to post mine there later.

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I’m Not a Road Warrior

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not nearly as productive on the road as when I am at home. I don’t know what it is, but after some recent trips and really paying attention to this fact I know that it is true.

I’ve done more in the first hour at my desk this morning then some whole days while traveling. A Blackberry is a great tool, but it does not compare to a full blown laptop with a ‘net connection. At least not for me.

Don’t get me wrong. The whole new media space is making it easier to

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Winding Up the Trip

Being virtual is fun. Having a company around the globe with people in different parts of the world is fun. But, getting together face-to-face, sharing a drink, sharing emotional conversations and big thinking is even more fun.

For the past two days crayon has been together. We are evolving, changing and looking to the future and that excites me. A lot of good conversations about a lot of different topics filled this time in NYC and it was well worth it. A bunch of us were in Atlanta last week at Coke. A bunch leave this morning for another client. I

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Live From the Balcony in NYC

There is something still new and neat to me about New York City because I’ve spent so little time here. You can feel the character of the city the moment you wake up. It doesn’t hurt when you can step out on your balcony and hear the traffic, see the Empire State Building and just chill for a moment with your coffee.

We are gathered in NYC for a crayon offsite. The first one we’ve done and something that is greatly needed. We’ll be locked in a conference room talking about a lot of different things today and tonight and although

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1 Day Home

Caught up on sleep last night. Nothing like 13 hours to get you back into the groove.

One day home before heading off to New York for a couple. Everyone is just sort of waking up now so I thought I’d squeeze in a quick blog post before dealing with reality.

Still fighting this cold. It did NOT make for a good week, but I’m dealing.

Hope everyone is well.

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The Latch Shuts at 5:40 am

That is when my work day officially ended from yesterday but is just beginning for today. Does that make sense? Just know this. I haven’t pulled a true all nighter in a long time and while I could get 1 hour of sleep right now I think that would hurt me more then help.

One final presentation at 9 and then we are done. Can’t wait to see the family. Even though it’s only for a day and then I’m off to NYC for a couple. But, 100% family time while I’m home. I’d have it no other way.

Time to catch

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Jaffe & Ebel

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

Taking this picture made me very happy. Hugging my pillow and falling asleep will make me happier.

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Straight Out in Atlanta

I knew this week was going to be far from “quiet with lots of free time” but I’m not sure I was ready for this.

It’s been a very rewarding and engaging week with the client. I consider myself to be fortunite to have been allowed to witness a speech that I did and some entertainment that I never would have been able to just a few short months ago.

I’m going to look back on this week with fond memories for sure.

If you are trying to get a hold of me or hoping I’ll be putting out another podcast then I

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