Nothing Like a HOT Shower

I think I must have stood in the shower for a good 10 minutes just standing there letting the steam and heat take me over. It’s always been the best thing in my mind when you have a congested chest. It helped, but now I’m on a quest to find cold medicine today. That is priority #1.

Ok conference call time.

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Here in Atlanta

Wow, I sure didn’t know that the bagel I had at 7 am this morning was going to be the last thing I ate till almost 7 tonight. Wasn’t ready for that.

So far so good here in Atlanta. Amazes me still that this is the first time EVER that Shel, Neville, Joseph and I have ever been together. It feels like we’ve spent so much time together and yet the truth is we’ve never spent real life time together. Simply amazing. Plus Aaron is here and I already stuck my foot in my mouth when I said I had never

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I signed up for Twitter a while ago, but didn’t use it much. Guess I need to integrate it into my day. It’s an interesting concept.

I’m sitting here at the airport with about 30 minutes to board and yet I’m watching Bob & Chris watch me via the service. That’s some messed up coolness all at once. Or are we all just that boring? Either way could be argued.

This week will be a good test. Can I be AS connected when I’m on the road. I’m thinking so, but we shall see. I had to bring my camera for part

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The Month of Travel Begins

I’ve known for a long time that February was not going to be a fun month.

Sure, I’m going to see some great people. Share some amazing meals. All around have some great times for damn sure. BUT, I’m going to be away from the family a bunch and that is what makes it suck.

They are all being cool about it but I know it won’t be easy. Thankfully one of the weeks of travel is our vacation down to Nashville. I can’t wait for that. I got offered a speaking gig while there and as hard as it was to

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Master C.C. Feed

Just discovered this great new service called Feedshake that allows you to easily merge feeds.

So now, if you want to subscribe to one feed and get all of my content you can.

Plug this feed into your RSS reader of choice.

UPDATE: No so impressed with this service. Great if text base, but does not pull enclosures so it’s a bit of a let down.

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My First Time in Front of Students

Yesterday I got to do something that I don’t get to do nearly as often as I would like and that is talk to a classroom full of students. In fact I spoke to two different sessions of Employee Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. But, get this? I never left my desk in Boston. That’s right we did it via Second Life.

How this came about is last week my Google Alerts let me know about a post by a student. I read the post and in it she talked about being on a scavenger hunt

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Me & the Professor

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

I spoke to two classes of college PR students today from Canada in Second Life.

Here is me and the professor. Yeah I’ll let the kitty head and mini skirt mess with your mind a while until I can write up a full post.

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A Little Bit of Everything

So this whole publicity crap that made Boston a mess yesterday is still on my mind. What bothers me most I think is as I stop and think about it is that I’m not only pissed at the agency who came up with the idea, but I’m also a little disappointed in Boston’s Police. If these things have been up for a few weeks how come no one has noticed them until now. Don’t we have Homeland Security people with big budgets running around the country protecting us? Thats what I keep hearing anyways. How did they miss this? Makes

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Attack of the Alpha Adopters

Last night was my first time attending a Boston Web Innovators Group meeting. I have to say that it wasn’t quite what I was expected. MUCH more crowded and shorter then I even imagined.

Two products really stood out in my mind as ones that smart VC people will invest in. Check these guys out as I think they are onto something.

MyPunchbowl at it’s simplest description is a much better version of evites. But, what I like about it is the clean simple interface and the way it leverages what other people have done. What I mean is that I

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Boston Skyline

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

Not as sharp as I’d like, but I’m learning.

I took this while taking a post dinner walk with Dan last night.

FULL post on the happenings of the night when I get unburied.

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My First Avatar Interview

I just found out that the latest Britney Mason Show has been posted in which we sit down on the roof of crayon’s office for a quick little chat. Watch below.
I have to say that this was certainly a weird experience. Never had someone ask if they could interview my avatar, but it was certainly a lot of fun. Thanks for having me Brit!

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New Media Wedding Proposal

With the day I’m having today I needed this reminder that humanity is still good at it’s heart.

Don’t worry. I’m fine. Just been a stressful week and the fact that it’s only Tuesday doesn’t make it look that great. *grin*

If you have even a drop of romantic blood in you then you’ll love the video.

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Google to Nuke Second Life?

Most likely not, but rumors are swirling that Google might be working on their own virtual world.

The more I think about it the more interesting this becomes. Think about it. Google video? Ad-Words? Google Earth? Sketch Up? Put all of these together with avatars interacting and you’ve got one powerful POWERFUL place to hang out and interact. The business applications if done right could be staggering.

Could just be a rumor….could be truth….who knows…

One thing I DO know is that it got my mind working overdrive in a rather quick way.

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A Bounty on Matthew Ebel’s Head

My sisters recently moved to Nashville so I knew it was only a matter of time that they would end up on The High Orbit Podcast and embarass me. Well that came to be over the weekend.

Now since I can laugh at myself better then anyone I can share this. Listen here to hear my sisters dish all sorts of dirt as well as audio clips from tapes I recorded when I was 5 all the way up to a clip from The C.C. & The Man Show. As you’ll hear I’ve been in audio recording for quite some time.


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