Abe Straight on

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My “little brother” hasn’t stopped growing.

Abe is my parents lab and he is now bigger then Roxie. They all came down today and Abe was in the mood to have his picture taken so I took several. The seriousness of this one cracks me up since he is such a nut most of the time.

Really good dog and I don’t get to see him nearly enough.

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Digital Photography

It’s in my blood. My grandfather (no that is not him in the picture, it’s just one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken) had a passion for photography and a dark room in his basement. I grew up with cameras everywhere. If he could see what I was doing today with all this new technology he’d be SOOOOOO into it.

I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi last year. I went with that camera rather then the higher end ones so that I could spend more money on lenses. Now I know I made the right decision because I’m completely

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Deval Patrick Embracing Technology and New Media

I’m very proud of this guy being our governor. I really wish there was a way that I could get involved in helping him embrace new media to the fullest extent. Am I crazy to think we could see a Deval Patrick avatar in Second Life someday?

Watch this video from the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council:
Keep being honest and doing it right Deval!

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Sexy Homefry

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Yup, my day was just officially made. If you are new around these parts the listeners of my music podcast Accident Hash are known as “homefries.”

Notice the pin on Shauna’s shirt? Yup, she’s an official homefry ever since we met at PodCamp Boston.

If your not watching Scriggity you ARE missing out!

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Slowly Working My Way Through the 2000

I’m trying to make it through everyone on this 2000 Bloggers idea. It’s going to take me a while to check them all out, but since I took part in it I want to make an effort to check them out. I’m starting at the top and just working my way left to right and then the next row. Plus by putting it on my site I have a quick way to find it again.

This is more then what some people call “link baiting.” It’s another new media experiment. Someone thought, “Hey I’ve got an idea…” and they did it.

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Do You Know Clarence?

You know those times when you meet someone, you start talking and the hours pass away because you just roll on and on?

That was tonight.

That was Clarence.

I know Clarence now. Do you? I have a feeling you will!

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I’m Blogging This

Geek humor I know, but I laughed and thought to myself, “Oh I’m so blogging this when it’s done.” There is some circular wrongness there for sure.

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Chris Brogan & The Justice League

Fine! I can’t seem to get the post out of my head this morning that I wanted to.

Yesterday, I had to cancel lunch with Chris because of some client stuff that came up.

Today he writes the post that I was trying to write this morning.

I’m a superhero. So are you if you want to be.

Go Chris Go!

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Ever Have a Post That You Don’t Know Where It’ll Go?

I’ve got a post bouncing around my head, but I can’t seem to get the words to come out on the page. Anyone else ever have that problem?

I’ve really been thinking about community perceptions, how important one’s personal brand and reputation is today more then ever and the power of friends you only know online. All of them are meshing together into a post that if I find the right way to say what I’m trying to get out perhaps I’ll write it.

It stems from two pieces of reality. (what does that word mean anymore really?)

1. Tonight I’m finally going

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Through the Window of the Dirty U-Turn

It’s not decorated or anything like that, but I wanted to give a sneak peek at the newly renovated Dirty U-Turn.

This shot is from outside one of the windows. I’m standing behind the bar and you can see the stage in the far distance.

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Stupid Garbage Man

I’m sitting here looking out the window at the arrival of the garbage truck. This week is also recycling so I’ve got a couple of big bins sitting there. Different people pick that up.

The truck sat outside a long time so I was curious what was going on. The driver had got out and was drinking a PLASTIC bottle of water. Ahh, a morning break. That’s cool. He is standing NEXT to my plastic recycling. It’s full of bottles of lots of different kinds.

He fiinshes it and guess what?

Yuppers, he threw it in the trash.

What the fuck people? Why can’t

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Team Biddy 2007

Last year you helped me and Team Biddy raised $25,000 for MS Research by supporting us walking in the New York City MS Walk.

Well, they haven’t found a cure yet so we are doing the walk again on April 22, 2007 and we are looking to raise double what we did last year.

I’ve set up a URL at so that people can easily share the URL and make a donation. I’ll be posting more soon and you’ll be hearing about it all throughout the podosphere and blogosphere so no worries.

Every bit helps and no donation is too small. I’m

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World Domination Takes Time

Random subject line. I use to do that from time to time to see who is paying attention an this morning I had my Skype title set as something like “so many worlds to conquer… little time.” For no real reason, but it made me laugh when Matthew Ebel caught it and asked me about it.

I got a nice surprise today on the home page of as you can see here. It still makes me laugh to think that it’s only been two years for Accident Hash. With everything that has happened and change in those two years it

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Next Dirty U-Turn Show Announced

Hope you can make it. Dirty to come on over and check it all out. Oh and SLT = PST so if your on the East Coast like me the fun starts at 9 pm. Thanks to Mark / Chill for setting this up.

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