Courthouse Stairs

Who Knew Jury Duty Would Open My Eyes?

While everyone else was returning to their offices after the New Years break, I was reporting for duty to the Worcester court house for jury duty.

I was called last year at this time and postponed it a year since I was just starting out on the book tour for Content Rules and didn’t want to run the risk of being sat on a jury and having to cancel dates.

I’ve been called one other time in the past and got sat on a jury that go around, but at the last minute the trial was canceled. This time around I wasn’t so lucky and for the past two weeks have been serving on a civil case in Massachusettes Superior Court and the process has been eye opening on multiple levels.

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Emily Paints

Creating With My Hands

While creating with a keyboard and technology is fun, C.C. Chapman is discovering he has the urge to do more creating with his hands. The old fashion way!

Social Photography

Social Photography

Photography is getting more and more social as we beging moment sharing on a regular basis.


The Final Week of the Year

It is the final week of 2011 and in a few short days we will flip the calendars to a whole new year. You’ll read plenty of posts predicting what the year holds and while I could do that, I have no interest.

I do want to share with you the final episode of my podcast for the year. It is an important one to me because I shared a bit of big news from my world and also recapped several different things going on with me right now. I hope you’ll give it a listen.

If there is any advice I

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Content is Everywhere

C.C. Chapman explains how content is everywhere and thus every company needs to start using it in this interview from Holland.


Another Year Older

Today I turn 38 years old and as I usually do I snapped a quick photo for random memory sake.

I’ve just returned home from speaking in Rotterdam and playing in Amsterdam. It was a trip full of inspiration and fun, but I’m glad to be back.

Looking at this photo tells me I’m more tired than I feel right now. I’m sure the jet lag is waiting to set in at any time.

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Highlights From An Evening With C.C. Chapman

Last night I spoke to a full house in Rotterdam and had the chance to meet a lot of great people.

I owe a big thank you to the team at Coopr for bringing me over. The hospitality they have shown me while here has been amazing. They are a great group of people doing good work for their clients. I hope I see them again.

Here is a video they put together from my speech. I’m making a note not to say “right” so much in the future. *grin*

I’ve still got one more day in Amsterdam. I’m planning on making the

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December Already?

Isn’t there a rumor going around that things slow down in December? I swear I’ve heard that before, but I don’t believe it for one minute. *grin*

I just got home from having lunch with Christine Koh and Audrey McClelland. We’ve been trying to get together since summer, but we are all so busy it took until today to make it happen! If you are looking for smart, savvy and awesome women to get involved with on your next campaign or project you should call them. They are both the real deal.

LOTS going on here so I wanted to do a quick update.

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C.C. Chapman Speaks at BlogWorld

Content Rules, But Common Sense Rocks

Recently I gave a keynote speech at BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles.

I wanted to play off my book title of Content Rules, but focus in on how with even the best content in the world if you don’t use basic common sense and good manners none of it will matter. You can now watch that speech below. I’m damn proud of how it went and I’m psyched it was captured so nicely on video.

If you’d love to see all the other great panels and presentations given at this year’s Blogworld they are available as part of the BlogWorldExpo Virtual Ticket. (affiliate

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’ll have a house full of relatives. I’ll be up early putting the turkey in the oven and the rest of the day will be a flurry of activity as I prepare the meal. Once I put it on the table, I’ll raise a glass and we will go around and each say something we are thankful for.

As I got thinking about what I would say this morning (and everything I have to do before I raise that glass) it got me reflecting on how much I have to be thankful for.

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Old vs. New

Minutes ago both UPS and the Post Office stopped by to drop off packages within five minutes of each other. Inside the packages was this nice contrast of old vs. new.

What you see here is a beautifully printed photography book called Dark Score Stories promoting the new Stephen King mini series Bag of Bones and the new Kindle Fire. (affiliate link)

I can’t stop smiling because on one hand you have the old fashion book promoting a television show and on the other side you have a high tech gadget which I can read books and watch television shows on. Wonder

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JC Hutchins and C.C. Chapman

Jump on the Moments

I’m still smiling this morning from a last minute visit from my good friend J.C. Hutchins last night.

I was looking through Google+ when I saw an update from him saying he was on a plane to Rhode Island. That is a lot closer to me then his usual Denver so I dropped him a note asking what was up and what his schedule was like.

A few text messages later and there in my neighbor’s driveway is Hutch (hard to see house numbers at night from the street) and soon he was in my office being introduced to the family.

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Home Movies

Home Movies

What happens when we stop documenting the little moments of our lives? What special moments might be missed since we’ve lost the home movie mentality?


See You at BlogWorld?

I meant to write this post before leaving for L.A., but we all know how busy we get. Especially me lately.

But, I’m now here in the sunny state of California and excited to be taking part in another BlogWorld Expo.

I’m speaking on Saturday morning at 11 and my presentation is title Content Rules, But Common Sense Rocks! and I hope to see a lot of you there. I’m in the mood to really wake some people up and start the day off on the right foot.

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Hallway Magic at SXSW

SXSW Kills the Magic?

I love SXSW. It is the one conference I’ll schedule everything else around so that I don’t ever miss it.

Every year that I go, I walk away having made new contacts that lead to friendships and business. Last year we sold out of copies of Content Rules in the bookstore and people still come up to me and talk about sessions I’ve talked in over the years.

Yesterday as they announced the first round of talks for 2012 (including mine), I noticed something that has me worried that a lot of magic of why I love SXSW might be killed as the conference has grown to the size it is today.

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Making Sauce

Through My Lens – Making Sauce

If there was any good that came out of the whole ragu mess, it was a desire to make my own spaghetti sauce.

So last weekend I bought all the ingredients and made a big pot for dinner. Best part is since we have a new freezer I could freeze all the left overs so we’ve got many more dinners of homemade sauce in the future.

Also, since I’m taking part in the Olympus Pen Ready campaign (Disclosure: they give me a free camera and I agree to take photos with it) I thought I’d take all these photos with the Olympus E-PM1 to see how it does. Full review coming of it once I’ve shot more with it.

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Steve Jobs Remembered

We Can All Inspire

I’ve been trying to process the passing of Steve Jobs.

I was driving into Boston to host an event with Ann Handley when the news popped up on my phone. I was instantly hit with this great sadness and a rush of emotions. I didn’t expect this to happen and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and what he meant to my life since that moment.

Inspiration is a weird thing. You never know who may give it to you or when it is going to come.

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Conversation Isn’t Hard

Twitter is all about conversation and C.C. Chapman was happy to discover that almost half of what he does on Twitter is exactly that. Read on.

Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing

A couple of months back I got an e-mail from my buddy Joe Chernov asking if I’d be interested in doing some writing for a project they had going on over at Eloqua. How could I say no since I dig both him and the company?

Later I found out that my piece would be part of something much bigger and include writings from other buddies like Joe Pulizzi and my very own Ann Handley. Nothing like getting hired to be part of something that involves such a great group of people. And with that we present you…

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The Morning Surf – Make Your Mornings More Productive

I’ve been using the Internet for a long time and before RSS was common I had a folder in my bookmarks that I called Morning Surf. These were the sites that I made a point of visiting every morning to get a feel for what was happening online and beyond.

These days I rarely use bookmarks, but my morning surf continues and I believe that you need to implement something similar in your life in order to be more productive. This holds true for both individuals and businesses. Like any good recipe, you need to customize and tweak to fit your individual needs.

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My Final Word on Ragu

I promised everyone a follow-up to the whole Ragu mess that I initially ranted about here, and then offered some free advice here.

This morning, I had a brief call with a manager from Unilever (Ragu’s parent company) and employees at two agencies. I was not provided the names of these agencies, so I still don’t officially know who was involved — and at this point, I just don’t care.

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Al Letson At IdeaFestival

I’ve always had a fondness for slam poetry. It is an under appreciated artform and one that I’ve seen little of in person.

So when Al Letson stepped on the stage last week at IdeaFestival 2011 I had a feeling we were in for something special and I hit record on my video camera thinking I might be right.  Enjoy.

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The Secret Sauce – Free Advice for Ragu

I have the simple goal in life to help as many people, companies and organizations find success. It is what I wake up every morning hoping to do.

Because of that, I want to give some free advice to the team at Ragu, whoever their social media agency is and any company thinking about getting into social media.

I’ve got the credentials to give this advice. I ran my own marketing agency. I’ve helped develop and execute online campaigns for The Coca-Cola Company, HBO, American Eagle Outfitters and many other companies. I get paid quite well to speak on the subject and consult with companies, but today the advice is completely free.

I just hope it helps.

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Ragu Hates Dads

Ragu Hates Dads

Ragu decides it would be fun to pick on dads and C.C. Chapman is NOT pleased about it at all.


IdeaFestival Keeps Me Curious

One week in Louisville and C.C. is smitten. Read his thoughts on IdeaFestival 2011 and why he can’t wait to return next year if invited.


We ARE All Weird

Weird is an interesting word.

Think about it for a minute. Ponder what it means to you and how many times you have used it to describe someone or someone. Heck, think about how many times you may have even been called it yourself.

Now think about another word: Normal.

Ask my kids what normal is and their answer will be, “normal is boring” because that is what I have always taught them.

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IdeaFestival Bound

A few months back I got an e-mail from my friend Kevin Smokler asking if I might have some free days in September to go down and check out this years IdeaFestival.

I had never heard of it, but if Kevin was involved then I was interested in hearing more about it.

Turns out that it is “a world-class event that attracts leading and highly diverse thinkers from across the nation and around the globe to explore and celebrate innovation, imagination and cutting-edge ideas” that got it’s start back in 2,000. It reminded me of TED or PopTech, both which I’m a huge fan of.

So tomorrow I’m jumping a plane and headed to Louisville, Kentucky for the rest of the week.

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The Open Road

Call of the Open Road

The open road is calling to C.C. Chapman and he hopes to hit it soon with camera and journal in hand.