Steve Garfield

Passion Hit TV interview with video expert Steve Garfield.


Baratunde on Passion Hit TV

Author, comedian and all around motivating Baratunde Thurston sits down to share his journey with C.C. Chapman on Passion Hit TV.

Steve Jobs Remembered

We Can All Inspire

I’ve been trying to process the passing of Steve Jobs.

I was driving into Boston to host an event with Ann Handley when the news popped up on my phone. I was instantly hit with this great sadness and a rush of emotions. I didn’t expect this to happen and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and what he meant to my life since that moment.

Inspiration is a weird thing. You never know who may give it to you or when it is going to come.

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Two Bits of Inspiration

I love to be inspired.

I love when when someone creates something that touches me and makes me want to do better with everything I create.

In the course of the last 24 hours, these two videos have filled me with inspiration to do better on two projects I’m currently working on and I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you’ll be inspired as well.

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Bold Edition

Bold Edition

Clarence Smith Jr. has launched Bold Edition to the world and I wanted to make sure YOU knew about it. Check it out!

The 2005 Il Barone was one of my favorite wines at Castello Di Amorosa.

I’ll Only Ever Collect Bad Wine

The concept of collecting wine is something that I’ve never fully understood.

Laura and I love wine and enjoy a glass of it quite often, but the concept of buying and saving wine was nothing that either of us could fully comprehend. We buy what we like. We drink what we buy. Why would anyone collect it?

Of course last year when we returned from a Napa Valley Vacation we suddenly found ourselves with a collection of wine, but we’ll never be wine collectors and here is why.

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Create – Inspire – Teach

Every year Chris Brogan chooses three words for the year ahead instead of setting resolutions.

A few years ago he asked others what their words were and I liked it so much that every year I set them. Here are my three words from 2010.

As I chose mine for 2011, I couldn’t remember what I had chosen the year before and I was happy to find out that I had in fact picked different words. My three words for 2011 are Create, Inspire & Teach.

My Three Words for 2011 - Create, Inpsire & Teach

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Farmer C.C.

I Always Wanted to Be an Artist

Last week, I asked my Dad if he could find and scan in some photographs from when I was young doing creative activities to include in my keynote I’m giving tomorrow morning. This is one of the ones he sent.

The reason for the photographs, is I have fond memories of whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say, “I want to be an artist.”

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Making The Most of the Minutes

I wake up every morning and ponder the day ahead. Now that I’m completely on my own, I get to choose what I do with my day. Each minute is my own to focus in on what I want to do with it.

And yet, two months out since leaving Campfire, I haven’t been to the movie theater once, I haven’t hiked a mountain and I’ve only been in my kayak once. Part of me is upset by that, but in reality I’m not because I’m trying to fill every minute of the day with something productive. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy right now.

As I think the minutes and contemplate the days, I’m really narrowing down the professional roles that define myself.

I love public speaking and people seem to enjoy when I do it. I plan on it being a core part of my career going forward and already

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If you are not already on the Gaping Void mailing list, you really should sign up because little bits of inspiration will show up in your inbox like this which got me all sorts of giggly this morning.

I fought the urge to buy the print for multiple reasons (I have a mini gallery already in my house), but I love everything this says.

If you’ve been listening to Managing the Gray lately, you know I’ve been really getting on people for standing in their own ways. Combine that with the fact that I’ve always believed in asking for forgiveness rather than permission and you can start to see where I’m coming from.

I think this is why I have a entrepreneur mindset. I want to control my destiny. I want to be the one making decisions because whenever I’m not, I’m a whole lot less happy with things. I’ve watched this happen

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Working Hard to be Successful

I realized last night that I had passed my 8 year anniversary of this blog. In the past I had mentioned it in some way or talked about it and this year I didn’t. No biggie. I was too busy doing other things that mattered more than patting myself on the back and I’m good with it. Realizing that it had been eight years did make me a little reflective though.

People ask me all the time how I got to where I am and the answer is always the same, I’ve worked hard every day and it hasn’t been easy.

This usually gets a laugh or some other strange reaction that I have never understand. The concept of working hard to be successful seems foreign to so many people.

Why is it that in a world where the news breaks faster then lightning and anyone can publish and share anything they create,

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A Day Off

I took a vacation day yesterday.

Not a big deal, but also not something I do just for the sake of doing it very often. Days off usually have a purpose, a goal, some reason for taking them, but I wanted a day to catch up on a million little things and nothing at all.

After having breakfast with Ann Handley, I noticed a little nature preserve on the road home and decided to go and check it out. It was there that I found this bench and ended up just sitting on it and thinking about a million different things while I listened to the birds and wind all around me.

When I got home, instead of attacking the task list I took Linchpin by Seth Godin off my shelf and sat outside on the deck reading it. Hours passed, the music kept playing and I finished the book.

I may not have

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Don’t Just Jump Into The Sled

The Olympics are right around the corner and while I’m not sure if anyone has done any studies on this, I have a feeling that as people sit on their couches watching Shaun White and others do amazing things in the snow, they wonder if they too could do those amazing things. I wonder how many go out on the slopes or in their backyards just assuming that since it looks so easy, they should be able to do it too and dive right in and end up doing more harm then good.

Now, I’m sure you laughed a little at the absurdity of that, but I’m watching it happen every day in the business world.

The power and ease of use that the Internet gives anyone to begin using it is tempting. Spend a few hours signing up for a few accounts and suddenly you are the next movie mogul or

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I’m Proud of You

Facebook makes it easy to “like” something. Twitter makes it simple to “retweet” something.

I’m not sure what motivates everyone to do these things, but I do it with content that in some way touches me. Might be a really informative piece of writing or a video that I want others to see. In some cases it is something that just makes me laugh or that I want other people to be aware of.

But, when you say you are “proud” of what someone created that is a whole level of power and emotion.

In the past 48 hours I’ve had several people tell me that they were proud of something I’ve done. It touched me because it came from relatives and friends alike. The simple phrase of being proud of someone is a deeper level of commitment then simply clicking on a virtual thumbs up.

Have you told someone you are proud of

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Calling a Mulligan

This past week seemed to suck for a lot of people. Me included.

I loved my time off during the holidays. Campfire shuts down to allow all of us to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. I know others do this as well.

Going back to the office and everything else after a break is never an easy thing and my theory is that when so many people around the world do this at once it is going to boil up like it did this past week. I don’t remember what it was like a year ago, but I bet it was similar.

So, I’m calling a mulligan. I don’t play golf, but it is the one thing I’ve always liked. You mess up, you call a mulligan. It is a restart, a do over. I think we collectively need to take mulligan from this past week.

Me? I already called mine and am

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