Helping Justin Levy

Helping a Friend in Need

Justin Levy is a good friend of mine and he is facing the biggest challenge of his life and I’m trying to help him out.

Dylan Loves Huskies

Nothing to Complain About

Life right now is a bit confusing, but in the end I know that I’m going to be ok and that everything around me will be ok.


Simpler Satisfies Me

How a simple typewriter at a friend’s wedding reminded me how much I love the simpler things in life.

Spring Blooms in Boston

This Week WILL Be a Good One

I’ve let things get off the tracks for far too long and now am determined to get my focus back and start making things happen again. Amazing things perhaps?


A Year Without Soda

Just realized that it has been a year since I gave up drinking soda. Don’t miss it much.


The Art of Saying Hello

This weekend I found myself thinking about the beginning of email. When every new message arrived it was exciting because it was a note from someone you knew or someone looking to know you.

We didn’t have tons of emails yet and spam was out there, but it was a rarity compared to today’s constant stream.

I wrote a long email to a few close friends updating them on what was going on. It was the sort of stuff we’d put into letters to friends and it felt good.

Then, I decided to take it a step further and sent a similar quick update to my newsletter. No selling, pimping or anything. Just a simple hello, an update and a request to hit reply and let me know what was going on in their lives.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful inbox full of replies.

People I hadn’t talked to in years letting

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The Week That Was

This week was a long one.

Too much snow. Not enough sleep. Brain in overdrive trying to figure out the teeter totter of life.

So much going on from the big to the little, that it felt right to do a quick recap post since there is so much I haven’t shared.

Like most of the country (maybe world?) I jumped on the newest season of House of Cards. No surprise, I loved it. The fact that they left so much unanswered will keep me and all the other fans eager for more. Hopefully they don’t wait too long until the next season. Knock! Knock!
Lynda.com sent a film crew to the house for a new project. There is no release date at this time, but as soon as there is I’ll let you know.
Awake Aware America named me as their Storyteller in Residence. I’m inspired by their goals and excited to be taking

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Simplicity in a Bowl of Soup and a Magazine

The house is silent except for the slow passing by of cars trying hard not to slide on the freshly fallen snow.

Dylan is in the other room watching a video on the computer. His headphones don’t allow any noise to leak.

Mondays are a night when we rarely eat together due to dance lessons, workouts and schedules that don’t sync. These are also the nights that you’ll find me cooking something in a single pot that can be enjoyed at different times by all who are hungry.

I sat down at the kitchen peninsula where you’ll rarely find me.

The Chicken Corn Chowder was hot and of course I instantly burned the roof of my mouth. Too eager for that first taste of creamy heaven.

I ate the soup and read an article on Pope Francis in the new issue of Rolling Stone.

A Pope on the cover of Rolling Stone? Never thought I’d see

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What Happens Next You Have To See

Building something you believe in from the ground up is rarely an easy task.

A year ago, when I first heard the idea behind YSN and GO I couldn’t shake how right it felt. The months would roll by and I kept thinking about it and how it had all the components of something amazing.

There was a solid business model, a team of talented people and a clear goal of making the world a better place.

The past two days I’ve been in Washington, DC with some of our team. There were multiple conversations with really important people. We held a successful event and every single person in the room told us that what we are doing is vital.

But, right now we are at that point where I feel like we are pushing several snowballs up a hill. We are not quite at the summit, but we are just on the cusp

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Morning Doodling

Know Thyself

My morning began with finding out a close friend’s father had passed away. It was followed shortly with a sick child. It is still early enough that I’m wondering what the third thing might be.

Some may say “typical Monday,” but I don’t look at any day differently than another. Each that I’m above ground is a good one in my book.

I’ve been looking at the social streams that I’ve decided to sit on the banks of and have been clearing them out more than usual.

The weekend full of links, lists and look at me is something I don’t want to spend time on any more. The constant flow of the same-old-same old without any fresh or outside of the norm thinking isn’t stimulating.

I take photos. I read. I wonder about what comes next.

I know it isn’t another tweetup or #HashtagFueledEventForNoReason.

Over the weekend I had a stranger email me looking for

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Tea Time

The Quiet Days

In a mere few days we will flip our calendars to a new year.

2014 promises to be an interesting one, but honestly would you want to live in a world where you wouldn’t think that about the upcoming 365 days? The mere thought of how bad things would have to be for that sort of thought saddens me to my core.

These are the quiet days of the year for me and I love them.

The weather gets gray, the demands slow down and I can really spend more time just wandering and wondering.

I started my three word exercise the other night and am slowly narrowing them down. It always amazes me how as soon as I start writing them down, they keep popping up in my head until I decide.

Yesterday, we spent a beautiful Christmas together as a family. We did our presents in the morning, followed by Peking Duck at

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My cat Mustang watches the snow

Checking In

A quick sign of life so that you know I’m still out here working hard, taking photos and living life.

Standing Among Giants

Standing Among Giants

My first visit to a redwood forest allows me to check another item off my life list.