Technology Is Breaking Humanity

Technology is rapidly improving around us, all the while breaking us as humans. A century from now, historians and scientists will look back at these years and write volumes on how technology evolved society in a negative way. I'm not going Amish on you anytime soon, but as much as I love my gadgets and technology...

Technology Is Breaking HumanityC.C. Chapman

Think Before You Scream

For all the good that social media has brought to our tables, there is no question that it has also served us seven days in the sun bowls of potato salad as well. Scroll through your network of choice on any day and you'll find a stew of anger, hate and outrage. This morning I tweeted: As...

Think Before You ScreamC.C. Chapman

Snapchatting While Driving Makes You a Dangerous Asshole

Every day I see people with one hand on the wheel of their car and the other on their phone. They try to pay attention to the road, but every so often they'll drift, swerve or slow down. It is obvious they can't pay attention. Every study has shown that it is not possible for a...

Snapchatting While Driving Makes You a Dangerous AssholeC.C. Chapman

Technology Shouldn’t Replace Your Humanity

Technology empowers us to do amazing things. We can connect with people around the world. We can form businesses together. We can create together. But, with all the technology around us, many of you are losing your way and giving in to the automated tools to run your lives. Yesterday, I added SocialGood.Club to my LinkedIn profile and...

Technology Shouldn’t Replace Your HumanityC.C. Chapman

Tools Do Whatever You Use Them For

Yesterday, someone complained in my direction on Twitter about Snapchat being another marketing tool that she didn't want to have to deal with. I laughed about it because this is the same argument people have used for every single app, site and tool that has been released online. Today because of her I'm going to talk...

Tools Do Whatever You Use Them ForC.C. Chapman

Facebook Walls Are Not An Open Invitation For You to Attack

  Love it or hate it, Facebook is part of our lives. Even with all the other technology we have in our lives, most of us learn news from our family and friends on Facebook. As it becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it is apparent that it has also warped our basic human interactions. The...

Facebook Walls Are Not An Open Invitation For You to AttackC.C. Chapman

America, We Have a Gun Problem

Yesterday, another ten people were shot and killed while attending classes in Oregon. Before the end of the year (sadly probably even the month) there will be more innocent people killed by someone angry and armed somewhere in America. The statistics around gun violence in America hurt to see. Guns have a place in our society. I grew up...

America, We Have a Gun ProblemC.C. Chapman

We Are All Humans. Everything Else is an Adjective

Last night at the dinner table, my daughter and I had a conversation about the term gender fluid. I admitted that I didn’t know enough about it to have an opinion; but that my gut reaction to it was that it didn’t make sense to me. This morning I took the time to read up on...

We Are All Humans. Everything Else is an AdjectiveC.C. Chapman

Itchy Bitchy End of Summer

Once I turned forty, I knew things would change. That is when the clock spins, the body freaks out and things begin to creak, strain and all around break down. For me it seems it is also when my body would finally decide it had spent enough time fighting poison ivy and wanted to let me...

Itchy Bitchy End of SummerC.C. Chapman


I've always been an observer. Watching the world go by and how people act in it. Seeing how they react to one thing, while ignoring another. Pondering people's actions as they choose to help some and chastise others. Lately my observations have shown me that as a society our priorities are fucked. If I turned on any...

PrioritiesC.C. Chapman

The Internet Is NOT High School

Why in a world where we carry a production company in our pocket and are empowered to share anything we create with the entire world do we still get hung up worrying about what people think of us? Every day I watch as people are more concerned with what others think of them, than they...

The Internet Is NOT High SchoolC.C. Chapman

YOU Choose Your Path

Why is everyone scared of being themselves? What fills people with the feeling that they need to be just like everyone else? I tell crowds of people all the time that "normal is boring" and I mean it. Being vanilla and conforming to how you think you should be acting is no way to live...

YOU Choose Your PathC.C. Chapman

When Did We Lose Our Manners?

This morning I stood outside the central parking garage at Boston Logan Airport. The chill of six am New England was biting and several of us waited for the elevator ding on the 7th floor. Our crowd grew as it appeared the elevator wasn't fully awake either. The doors opened and we began piling in. I...

When Did We Lose Our Manners?C.C. Chapman


Yesterday, I was told I was right. Yesterday, I was also told I was wrong. Yesterday, someone told me that I'm too positive and thus I must be up to nothing good. Yesterday, I was told that I was a writer and not a marketer. Yesterday is yesterday. There is nothing you can do about it because it...

YesterdayC.C. Chapman

Will Facebook Ever Fix Events?

Facebook is the Internet for plenty of people these days. They are growing as I type this and people are sharing every little detail of their lives with the servers lurking under the blue and white covers. They finally are going to start using some of this vast data to power their new search, but...

Will Facebook Ever Fix Events?C.C. Chapman

Stop Eating Baby Food

Why are we are letting ourselves be dumbed down? Too many of us are only interested in overly simplified blog posts promising us magical equations, top ten lists and the secrets of the social platform du jour. Babies are given blended up gloop because it is all their bodies can handle. It is yummy, easy and...

Stop Eating Baby FoodC.C. Chapman

Dear Amazon, Please Start Working Better With Authors

Dear Amazon.com, I love you. I'm on a first name basis with my UPS man because I order so much stuff from you. As an avid reader I went nuts when the Kindle came out and have owned every model since the original. You make it way too easy to purchase books on a whim and...

Dear Amazon, Please Start Working Better With AuthorsC.C. Chapman

Pictures With Words

Pictures With WordsC.C. Chapman

It Really Is This Simple

I was watching CNN the other morning and there was an ad that basicly went along the lines of: "You've had the sex talk. You've had the drug talk. But, what about the race talk?"

It Really Is This SimpleC.C. Chapman

Your Word is Your Bond

I've always believed that your word is your bond. Looking someone in the eye, telling them you are going to do something and shaking their hand is as good as a contract. Sure, I know that doesn't hold up in court and in today's world those handshakes are happening via e-mail and other electronic mediums...

Your Word is Your BondC.C. Chapman

Stop Pretending

Almost a month ago, I was pitched about a new initiative from a big, old school company using social media in a "cutting edge" way. I had already seen the campaign and was a big fan of what they were doing. So much so, that I replied to the pitch sharing my feelings and telling them...

Stop PretendingC.C. Chapman

Get Educated About SOPA & PIPA

Today around the world, sites will be going black to protest against proposed changes in laws that could effect the entire Internet as we know it. Known as SOPA and PIPA, they were written to help fight piracy, but in reality could harm more than help. Take a moment to learn more at Google or...

Get Educated About SOPA & PIPAC.C. Chapman

Ragu Hates Dads

I hate how companies, movies and society likes to pick on the dads of the world by portraying us as clueless parents who don't know our way around parenting. It is one of the main reasons I started Digital Dads and why I'm proud of Cast of Dads. As a marketer I've worked with companies...

Ragu Hates DadsC.C. Chapman

I Share What I Want. Not You.

Ok, time for a bit of truth, so please pay attention. You choose who you follow on any social network. You control what updates you see based on who you choose to follow, how you set up filters and what you decide to read. Thus, you can not complain about someone tweeting, posting or sharing too much....

I Share What I Want. Not You.C.C. Chapman

Are You One of The Crazies?

The world is full of them. I'm sure at least a couple of people who are reading this are them. I'm talking about The Crazies. Those people who due to spending too much time in front of a computer, on their phone, checking in, checking on and doing all the fun things that make a life/work...

Are You One of The Crazies?C.C. Chapman

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C.C. Chapman


Sketch of C.C. Chapman by Hey Instigator!There are many aspects OF who I am and what I do. Putting together THIS PAGE is one of my least favorite things to write because talking about myself is not my idea of a fun time.

When asked what I do my current answer is, “I create, teach and motivate people to do more good in the world.”

Of course, that doesn’t cover all that I work on professionally and personally, so that is why I created this page.

Official bios and headshots can be found below.

Who is C.C. Chapman? I’m a…


I’m constantly writing and always working on my next book. You may have read some of my published works including Amazing Things Will HappenContent Rules or 101 Steps to Making Video Like a Pro.

Freelance writing or citizen reporting assignments excite me.


If I had to choose a style, I’d say my photos are a mix of documentary, travel and lifestyle photography. While I may not enjoy taking head shots, I love to shoot faces. I rarely go anywhere without a camera in my hand and I’ve been fortunate to see my photos on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

I’m currently shooting with a Canon 80D, an iPhone 7+ and a Chroma 4k Drone.

My photos can be found on Instagram and Flickr.

Marketing Consultant

With over twenty years of marketing, online media and community building experience I have the skills and experience to help your organization no matter the size. Previous clients have included The Coca-Cola Company, American Eagle Outfitters, and HBO.

I focus on social good/impact marketing, content marketing, and brand strategy. My favorite clients are NGOs, nonprofits or brands looking to make a difference in the world.

Feel free to double check my credentials on LinkedIn.

Keynote Speaker

I’m happiest when on stage educating and inspiring an audience of any size, anywhere in the world.

I have spoken at everything from large international events, corporate retreats and at special gatherings of unique individuals. If you need someone who will inspire, educate and entertain your audience I’d love to chat.

Advocate & Volunteer

I believe in using my skills, time and voice to champion causes that are important to me. I’m especially interested in anything military, dogs or children focused.

I’m currently the President of the Board at Wediko, a member of the ONE Girls & Women Advisory Board, serve on the board of The Hockey Foundation and recently joined the No Kid Hungry Social Council.


Helping others learn and inspiring them to achieve their goals is the most fulfilling thing I do. As a Visting Instructor of Business and Management at Wheaton College and as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Communications at Bentley University I get to do this with the next generation. I’ve also developed and taught courses for LinkedIn LearningLynda.com, CreativeLive, and Treehouse.


On top of all that I’m a proud life long New Englander who was born and raised in New Hampshire, but now resides outside of Boston.

I married my high school sweetheart, have two amazing kids and love being a dad.

I’ve been online since 1989, began blogging in 2002 and podcasting in 2004.

Previous endeavors I created include Accident Hash, Passion Hit TV, Digital Dads and The Advance Guard.

Tattoos, travel and the outdoors turn me on. There are fewer things more perfect than a well-done cocktail, a delicious meal or live art of any sort. I love my GORUCK, Field Notes and am a proud Misfit.

To understand me is to understand that I try to live a purposeful life every day that is full of adventure, love and making the world around me a better place for all.

Official Bio

C.C. Chapman describes himself as a New England raised storyteller, explorer, and humanitarian. Others have described him as a thought leader in the online marketing space, a grounded futurist and one the nicest guy on the Internet. Over the years of his career, he has worked with a variety of clients including Nike, HBO, American Eagle Outfitters, ONE, Verizon FiOS and The Coca-Cola Company.

He is the co-author of the International bestseller Content Rules and is also the author of Amazing Things Will Happen. He travels the world speaking in front of audiences to do more in the world and how to understand content marketing better.  C.C. has taught classes for Lynda.com, CreativeLive and now as an adjunct professor at Bentley University (where he also graduated from).

C.C. is an advocate who speaks about building passionate communities and the strategic values of content-based marketing. He is a Samsung Imagelogger, the original ONE Dad and a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow. As a storyteller for hire, his work has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

C.C. is the past Chairman of the Board at Wediko and currently serves on the board of The Hockey Foundation. He happily lives in the woods outside of Boston with his loving family. Find out more at CC-Chapman.com


Fun Bio

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more multi-faceted or enthusiastic creative/strategic partner in the marketing and content creation fields. This greatly hails from C.C.’s unstoppable combination of marketing experience and savvy (which a great many professionals claim to have), and incalculably valuable “on the ground” knowledge and insight as an influential content creator himself (which a great many professionals do not). The result is a best-of-both-worlds mashup of marketing expertise.

C.C. Chapman sports the pro cred to be a talker (working closely with such clients as American Eagle Outfitters, Coca-Cola, HBO and Warner Bros.), and the passion and gumption to be a doer (creating content for the emerging Online Dad market, marketing professionals, music fans and more). He’s helped create, manage and execute ambitious online and offline marketing campaigns for startups and multinationals — and has the invaluable good sense to know which outreach strategies work with audiences, and which ones fall flat.

He authoritatively speaks your language. He speaks your CMO’s language. Most important, he’s fluent in your market’s language. It’s a killer double-chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination. Contact C.C. to learn how he can help your organization achieve its business goals. There’s, even more, to know about C.C. Chapman if you want to read it — and you should. C.C.’s skills are an embarrassment of riches.


Head Shots

CC-Chapman-Cubelean     CC-AYASummit

CC Chapman Headshot Vertical    CC-armscrossed


I’m involved with a lot of organizations and clients. I believe in being completely transparent and open about everything I’m working on. I’ll do my best to keep this updated and of course, will clearly disclose relationships in any post that require them.

I am open to being pitched and invited on press trips.

Companies do send me items in the hopes that I will review it or share with my community. If you send me something it does not guarantee a review.

With that in mind, my mailing address is:

9 C Medway Road #117
Milford, MA

Current relationships include:

  • Verizon FiOS provides me with service in exchange for a monthly post on technology of my choosing


Affiliate links are used whenever they are available when linking to products of any sort.

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