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Istanbul in One Day

Travel journal from C.C. Chapman and the twenty four hours he spent in Istanbul.

Wandering and Wondering

Never forget that we don’t need a map to find our way.

Yesterday, as I took my camera for a walk along the coast of Victoria, British Columbia I had no purpose beyond enjoying every minute of it.

Before I left I had looked at a map to get a general idea

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The Quiet Moments of Travel

A simple walk through a wine vineyard reminded me how much I love the simple moments when I’m on the road.

Walking in Wine Country

The Sun Sets in Wine Country

There was a crispness to the cool air, as the sun set over wine country.

The walking paths through the vineyards at The Meritage Resort and Spa were a welcome distraction after spending most of the day in an airplane seat.

Wandering through the rows of grapes and thinking about everything that brought me to this point gave me plenty to ponder as the sun set and beautiful shadows began to form around every corner.

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A Day in Detroit

My first time in Detroit left me hungry for more and I can’t wait to go back.