C.C. is available for speaking, writing and photography assignments. His years of marketing experience empower him to help any organization find, create and tell their story to the world. Get in touch and he can help you.


With a permanent case of wanderlust, C.C. is always ready to jump on a plane, train or boat to travel to a new destination. He loves to meet new people, try new foods and experience all that life has to offer.


Born with a helping heart, C.C. loves working with nonprofits, NGOs and any organization making the world around them a better place. He currently is a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow and serves on several boards.

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My newest venture has launched and I’m excited to tell you all about SocialGood.Club

BWI Airport

Connected Worry

Phones connect us all. In a moment of crisis we can let everyone know we are ok. But, what if someone you love doesn’t have their phone?


Savor or Binge?

House of Cards: Season 4 is now out and I’m trying to decide if I gulp it all down like ice water on a hot day or savor it like a fine wine on a Friday night.