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Sunny Friday in Boston

My accountant of all people reminded me that as someone who works for themselves, I should make sure I take time out and enjoy life more often.

So, when Friday rolled around and I had two meetings in Boston and no other pressing deadlines I decided to grab my camera and walk the streets between meetings taking photos. I decided I wasn’t going to seek anything out, but instead as I walked from location to location capture what I saw.

While I LOVE looking at street photography I rarely shoot any of it, but I’m happy with how a few turned out. You can see them all on my Flickr page including these rock star shots of Scott Stratten and Matt Ridings and here are some of my personal favorites from the afternoon.

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Canon S90 First Impressions

Just after the new year I bought myself a Canon PowerShot S90IS to be my bring every where camera. I had been thinking about getting a Leica D-Lux 4, but after a quick ask on Twitter everyone was pointing me to the S90.

I have to say that I am loving this camera so far. The powerful options in such a little body is exactly what I wanted. Having the ability to shoot with the same settings I do with my big DSLR, including RAW formatted images, makes it exactly what I wanted. I was pissed yesterday to find out that Aperture does not support it yet though so I’m also beta testing a copy of Lightroom right now since they are on top of things.

While I haven’t had much time to take pictures, here are a few that I’ve taken.

I’m really looking forward to using this more and getting to

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Boston Media Makers 9/5/09

If you are not aware, on the first Sunday of every month in Jamaica Plains media makers of every type and age gather for some great breakfast and conversation. From the brain of Steve Garfield, Boston Media Makers has become one of the must go to events for me personally because I like the everyone speaks approach and the friendly Sunday morning atmosphere. My photos can be found here, but I wanted to share some favorites that I took yesterday.

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Podcamp Boston 4 Through the Lens of C.C. Chapman

I love to take photos, but you knew that. At this past weekend’s Podcamp Boston 4, I took a bunch of them (complete set here) and put together my annual slide show of some of my favorites.

Special thanks to Matthew Ebel for allowing me to use his music. Give his music a listen on iTunes and then consider signing up for his subscription service that will give you new music every month.

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Is It Really The Weekend?

I took this picture of Emily last weekend when she let us know she had a loose tooth and then moments after I took this photo, pulled it out herself. Did you do that when you were a kid? I know I certainly never did.

Dylan got back from camp yesterday. He had an absolute blast and already asked if he could go back for two weeks next summer. He didn’t want to leave because he said it felt like a family to him. I’m psyched that he is realizing how powerful and quick a tight knit group of people can come together. It is something that I want him to remember and carry on through his life.

I’ve got a couple of hectic days ahead of me, but when don’t I right?

Tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane for Tampa. While I’ve got some work to do while I’m there I’m also

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