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Content Rules, But Common Sense Rocks

Recently I gave a keynote speech at BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles.

I wanted to play off my book title of┬áContent Rules, but focus in on how with even the best content in the world if you don’t use basic common sense and good manners none of it will matter. You can now watch that speech below. I’m damn proud of how it went and I’m psyched it was captured so nicely on video.

If you’d love to see all the other great panels and presentations given at this year’s Blogworld they are available as part of the BlogWorldExpo Virtual Ticket. (affiliate link)
Photo Credit: BlogWorld & New Media Expo

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See You at BlogWorld?

I meant to write this post before leaving for L.A., but we all know how busy we get. Especially me lately.

But, I’m now here in the sunny state of California and excited to be taking part in another BlogWorld Expo.

I’m speaking on Saturday morning at 11 and my presentation is title Content Rules, But Common Sense Rocks! and I hope to see a lot of you there. I’m in the mood to really wake some people up and start the day off on the right foot.

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