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I’m #StillHere – Are You?

The latest mind bending marketing campaign that I’m involved with at Campfire went live this week and I hope you’ll check it out.

Discovery Channel wanted something to raise awareness and interest in Season 2 of The Colony, so we thought we’d play up the fictional viral outbreak leading up to the premiere on Tuesday, July 27th at 10 pm.

Of course we wanted to do this in a way that was logical and realistically how we believe something like this would play out if it were to happen in today’s connected world.

Watch the video below and then Join The Colony.

If you’d like to read a bit more about the project, head writer J.C. Hutchins shares them. I’m sure glad he is #StillHere

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Moving On

Three years ago when I set out on my own and ended up launching a marketing agency with good friend Steve Coulson, I had no idea that I’d be here today writing this note. I’ve certainly been taking my own advice and following the road less traveled throughout my career, so why stop now? *grin*

It has been twelve months since The Advance Guard was acquired by Campfire and I’m writing this note to announce that I’m moving on to my next adventure at the end of this month.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Campfire and I’ll remain on as a silent partner and look forward to all their future success.

We continue to do amazing work for a variety of clients (including one that will launch shortly and I can’t wait for you to see), but I’ve decided to pursue new and exciting opportunities. I’ve learned a lot working with the team

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My First Advertising Week

Last week I was in New York for my first ever Advertising Week. Going into it, I really didn’t know what to expect from it all. I guess I pictured something similar in scope to SXSW but in the Big Apple. Boy, was I wrong.

Now, having not grown up in the ranks of the Madison Avenue mentality and jumped from agency to agency I instantly realized I had a different mentality then a lot of the people I met. It seemed that the second question out of everyone’s mouth after I introduced myself and told them I was with Campfire was “what other agencies have you been with?” I quickly realized that to a lot of people I met that it actually mattered more then what I had accomplished. Not the crowd I’m use to.

The panels, speakers, events and parties are spread out all over the city. So getting from

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Come Sit Around My Campfire

Keeping a secret in the social media world is not an easy thing to do. I know personally because for the last couple of months that is exactly what I had to do. Two weekends ago when I was at PodCamp Boston 4 and everyone asked how business was going all I could do was smile and respond with “great.” When in reality I wanted to tell everyone the biggest news that I’ve had to share in a long time.

Today, I’m happy to announce that The Advance Guard, the company that I helped found in 2007, has been acquired by New York based Campfire!

You can read our post on our website about the deal and of course there is a social media press release with tons more details as well if you want to get to the nitty gritty.

So why did we do it? I can only speak for myself,

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