We ARE All Weird

We ARE All Weird

Weird is an interesting word. Think about it for a minute. Ponder what it means to you and how many times you have used it to describe someone or someone. Heck, think about how many times you may have even been called it yourself.

Now think about another word: Normal.

Ask my kids what normal is and their answer will be, "normal is boring" because that is what I have always taught them.

I've always known that I'm cut from a different cloth. I see the world in a way that scares plenty of people. I trust, love and connect quickly and passionately. I'm fiercely loyal and stuck in my beliefs.

That is why immediately after finishing Seth Godin's new book We Are All Weird I had to write this and share it with you. (from 30,000 feet on an airplane no less)

This book nails what I've been saying is broke about marketing. The old days of shotgunning your message to the masses and having it succeed are doomed. We each crave on out own and are willing to seek out what we want on our schedule and expect to find it.

Sure, mass markets will always exist and those that prefer vanilla and safe will keep on buying (have you seen the profits of Walmart lately), but the growing norm is actually the weird.

I was also happy to see Seth shouting at the current state of education in this country for not embracing what makes kids unique and encouraging them to be weird and learn at the same time. AMEN! Of course I also know some angry parent is going to hate the use of the word weird and completely miss the point, but not everyone can think outside of the box.

Once again Seth takes an idea that many of us have discussed at length with others and boils it down into such a tangible, single word or phrase that says everything to anybody. I'm envious how good he is at this. Just stop and think what he did with the words linchpin, tribes, small and of course purple cows.

I've said before that Seth is a dangerous person in my life. His writings constantly confirm and encourage me that I'm on the right path.

My favorite quote from the book was:

"The weird set an example for the rest of us. They raise the bar;they show us through their actions that in fact we're wired to do the new, not to comply with someone a thousand miles away."

I promise that this is a quick read that will make you think. I know that as I finish this post up in my hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky where I'm about to attend IdeaFestival I have a feeling I'm going to meet some awesomely weird people this week and I can't wait!


Disclosure: This book magically showed up on in my Kindle app today for free. I'm making an assumption that this was through my participation as a BzzAgent, but I don't know for sure since I have not received any e-mail to tell me officially.

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