A Matter of Time

I got delayed in DC but finally got to Boston tonight and Laura picked me up and we headed straight for New Hampshire. Thank you to everyone for all the positive vibes. I kept seeing direct messages on my Twitter from so many people and I appreciate all the thoughts.

I'm writing this from the hospital. My grandfather is not well. Unresponsive and the phrase "a matter of time" has been uttered more then once. It's late and much of the family is still here to support each other. It sucks that it takes something like this to pull people together, but I guess that is part of human nature?

I'm not sure how connected or responsive I will be. I found this computer set up for people to check e-mail and such and figured they would not mind if I hijacked it for a minute to blog and let everyone know how things are going.

Life is funny isn't? Go from the high of launching a new initiative to the downer of reality here. It's one big yo-yo.

The Call

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