Back From PodCamp NYC

I'm going to cross post this for people I met at PodCamp NYC. You Can Leave Your Hat On...It was great meeting so many people. Going to an event where there are more people that I don't know then do know is a change and I couldn't stop smiling. Walking the halls, taking photos and shaking hands always makes me happy. When it turns into a hug it is even better!

If we met or we missed each other we can still make it happen. Vital stats

  • is the address I usually give out to people. Or you can use the one on the business card
  • is my personal blog. It's the one that keeps track of everything
  • As you saw, I have my camera with me always and post photos to my Flickr page
  • Managing the Gray is my new media focused podcast. If you liked my speech that would be one to subscribe to for free
  • The company I work for is really called crayon

I just recorded an Accident Hash with some reactions to the event. Overall I completely loved it. Did the shear volume of people take away from the community aspect of some of the other PodCamps? Of course it did. No way that it wouldn't and I missed that, but at the same time it was a different event so it's all good.

I have so many great memories from this event. SOOOOOOOO many new people I met and that I can't wait to follow up with because I have tons of stuff to talk about. I also will be posting my presentation soon. It's just on the other computer and I want to make sure I post the final version. I'm looking forward to see how many people do their homework. *grin*

Congratulations and thank you to all of the organizers, volunteers and sponsors who made this event a reality!

The New Media Playground Presentation from PodCamp NYC

The Best Damn Tech Show Period - Live at PodCamp NYC