Get Unplugged

I can't stress enough how important it is to leave the computer off and get away from it every so often. I do it quite often and every time it feels great. I even left the blackberry in a corner yesterday. Didn't want to deal with it and didn't miss it one bit. *grin*

Cattepillar Cake

This cake is one of the two we won yesterday. The kid's school does an auction every year of fun cakes. You pay way to much for something like this, but all the money goes right to the school so it's a good cause. Plus they always taste yummy too. This one was extra good because what looks like cake is actually brownie. Mmmmmmmmm.

Emily is all excited because she bought an outdoor room for her Webkinz. When I told her she wouldn't have much money left her reaction was, "That's ok. At least I can go outside and run around and play." Virtual outside time, but with the muddy backyard right now it's better then nothing.

Work continues around the house. Lots of little projects here and there. Forward momentum is the important thing!

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