I'll Believe You in Theaters Tomorrow

I’ll Believe You PosterI wish this was playing in a theater around here because it would be fun to see it with an audience. If you are in any of the following markets consider having a family movie night and go and see I'll Believe You this weekend. Then let the world know what you thought of it. If you don't have a blog yourself, leave your reviews here or better yet leave them on someplace like Yahoo Movies so the world can see.

The movie will be playing this weekend in the following markets:

  • LA
  • Orange County
  • Detroit Suburbs
  • St. Louis Suburbs
  • Louisville
  • Buffalo
  • Connecticut
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ
  • Melbourne, FL
  • Monterey, CA

If you haven't seen the movie trailer yet or the Ed Helm's outtake reel they both will give you a good feel for the vibe of the movie.

Stand Up Films are a client of mine, but I also enjoyed the movie or I wouldn't have taken the work in the first place.

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