John Edwards USING Twitter

I just watched something truly epic happen via Twitter. edwards twittersThe John Edwards Campaign via it's Twitter page (I don't know if Senator Edwards is actually doing the twittering or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was) made an announcement that it was going to go Carbon Neutral. I thought this was a great idea and Robert Scoble did as well and posted a question asking how they planned on doing that.

The amazing moment happened when within minutes and answer was posted back.

Almost real time interaction with a political candidate! I don't have any idea where Edwards is right now, but I know that Scoble is in Austin and here I am in Boston.

I REALLY hope other politicians step up their game and begin embracing new media across the board beyond just making announcements via YouTube and such. It's quickly becoming obvious to me that Campaign 2008 is going to be the most wired campaign ever and it's going to be fun to be part of it. The screen shot is what I could fit on one screen of the conversation. Readable when bigger.

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