Matthew Ebel - Backyard Bash

Rocking the Backyard Yesterday found me in a pretty hard funk, but I knew that the afternoon would wipe that out.

Myself and thirty or so other people gathered at Chris Penn's house for a special backyard house concert from Matthew Ebel. There were burgers and smoked pork from the neighbors. Kids running around with popsicles. Equipment that just didn't want to work. Oh, and weasels. There were weasels there as well.

The amount of content being produced was almost comical. Cameras everywhere. Video going. It was on Ustream. It was going into Second Life as well until that fell down for us. After I went through and deleted the ones I didn't want I still have 254 photos waiting to go through post production and then uploaded. The number is down one since the one in this post I did just so I could have one to show the set up.

I had fun switching lenses to get what I wanted. Really figuring out which one is best for which situation. It was fun to be able to do that and I learned a lot. Especially when mixing into the equation blazing sun and spots of shades from big trees. I had fun and it made me forget about the stress for the rest of the day so it was exactly what I needed.

Thank you to Chris and Matthew for a great afternoon!

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