Reflecting and Looking Forward

It's the day after we all Bum Rushed the Charts and Christopher Penn has some great reflections on it. Right now I'm going to hold off on my thoughts because I have many and I think it'll make for an episode of Managing the Gray that I'm going to record over the weekend. What it boils down to me is that it was never about the numbers. It was an experiment and some things went right, some wrong and we learned a lot. In the end that is what always happens in an experiment if done right. You ever have one of those moment where in a relationship, job, sport or life in general you turn a corner and really notice it? Not the usual shift from a bad to a good day, but a full blown ninety degree turn that makes you stop and know things are going to be different? I had one of those last night and I think it's the reason I woke up happy so motivated and focused this morning. Adding coffee to the system is going to only amplify it all.

Bentley Alumni Event tonight that I'm looking forward to. My first one since graduating if you can believe me. I've realized that if Colleges really want to target people they should wait till they are in their early thirties. Loans will be starting to pay off. Financially people are in a more stable place. The concept of giving back and interacting becomes more apparent. At least that is how it happened for me. Maybe I'm solo on this but I doubt it.

Just found out that Eli Singer is going to be in Boston next week. Not positive if we can hook up or not, but he's coming for The Strategy Paradox Boston Meet-Up which looks like a pretty cool event. I had not heard about the book before, but after reading this review I am interested in giving it a read and attending the event. Plus I want to meet Eli face-to-face!

It's 50 degrees out. Could spring finally be here?

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