Virtual Hot Wings

I have always been a lover of hot wings. I still try to go to Wings Express in Waltham whenever I can since we could have lived off of those sometimes when I was in college. Virtual Hot Wings CoverBut, this post doesn't have to do with the honey barbecue variety, but rather the virtual variety.

Read all about Matthew Ebel's new CD Virtual Hot Wings that is now available for order and instant download via vending machines in Second Life. This album was recorded, arranged and assembled 100% by the fans. When you have fans like Christopher S. Penn and Michelle Wolverton on the case the sky is the limit on what can be done.

I'm very proud to be part of this and to be having crayon assist in getting the word out and supporting this effort.

Don't forget that Matthew will be playing tomorrow, Friday May 25th in the Coke Pavilion from 11am - 1 pm SLT (2-4 pm EST) and you can buy a copy then.

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