Why I Want In The Black Box Beta

I remember reading first about The Podium Project a while ago and kind of forgot about it since I hadn't heard anything in a while. Then today I see Paul Colligan once again talking about it, but this time actually offering up the chance to beta test one of the bad boy black boxes and of course had to throw my hat in the ring.

I'm excited by this product because it is another step in the needed direction for Podcasting. Getting great content is still not as easy as it needs to be to gain the true mass market adoption that I dream about for the medium.

I'll admit it that I love to have access to new toys. I love to be able to check them out. Try them. See what I can and can't do and better yet think of ways that this could be used by the readers of my blogs and the listeners of my podcasts. Plus I like to be up on the latest technology so that I can make recommendations to friends and clients.

Paul, that is what it really boils down to me. I want to see this and play with it and think of great ways that it can be used by the masses. You already mentioned some great uses for it which I love them all. I just want to help come up with more.

More on The Podium Project Blog.

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