2008 First Day of School

I'm a reflective guy. As much as I like looking forward, I always enjoy looking back as well. I've found that having kids makes me do this even more then it use to because as they hit milestones it causes me to think back to what I was doing at that age. First Day of School 2008This morning I sent the kids off on the bus to second and fourth grade. It isn't as mind blowing as next year will be for me when they will both switch schools, but still I have fond memories of those grades.

Mrs. Fisk and Mr. Davenport were the teachers I had then. I went to two different schools for Second Grade and I barely remember the first half of it. The biggest thing about 4th grade was that it certainly changed the direction of my life. That was the year I discovered computers and really got into using them. As Emily reminded me this morning it was also "when you stopped drawing according to Poppa."

I guess I'm in this mood because I also have a physical today. I haven't had one in a couple of years which is just plain stupid. No one likes the doctor, but still everyone should go at least once a year and I want to get back into that habit. Brand new doctor since mine left the area. That means lots of forms and blood work for sure. Oh joy!

The plan was to record an Accident Hash this morning, but just as the bus drove away with the kids I noticed that the guys arrived to hopefully finish up the fence. So no recording is going to happen today.

We were uploading some of the college band videos from NAMU to other services last night and it gave me a chance to finish watching them. Very diverse line up of bands that were pulled together. Some I really didn't get at all, but others I thought had some cool potential.  Should be interesting to see what some of them do next.

Crisp vibe in the air today. I'm taking that as a sign of good things!

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