A Chapman Family Christmas

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm very much a family guy. I love spending time with members of my family both here at home and anywhere they may gather. Christmas at the ChapmansWe stayed home for Christmas day, but then headed up to New Hampshire to see both Laura's parents and mine for the weekend. It felt great seeing everyone and being able to share some holiday spirit.

Saturday we ended up sitting around my parents kitchen table and just talking and telling stories. I actually heard a couple that I had not heard before. I didn't realize there were any left like that so it makes me wonder what other ones I don't know yet.

My Dad and I also went down into the basement and went through several boxes of my Grandfather's cameras. I brought two home with me. One just for sentimental value and the other because I actually plan to put some film into it and see what comes of it. Being able to shoot some photos with a camera that my Grampa shot photos with will make me happy. I just hope that at least one comes out. *grin*

To me this is what is best about the holidays. Sure the presents are fun and I'm a sucker for holiday tunes, but at the end of the day I look most forward to having some Chapman Pork Pie with my family, joking about the old days and just spending time together. Sappy and old fashion I know. But, that is me.

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