Accident Hash Featuring Tom Acousti

First Chapman House Concert with Tom Acousti & Matthew Ebel I'm listening back to Accident Hash #269 which features Tom Acousti's set from my house concert from Friday. Perfect writing music this morning.

You can see the show notes here or download the MP3 directly.

Really looking forward to getting some video out from the night as well. That is going to be fun to see. I looked at some shots that Steve got and it looked beautiful. Then again it was 3 am when I was looking at it so I might have been a little foggy on it all. *grin*

Will get Matthew Ebel's set up later this week most likely.  Still psyched we got to get him over for the show before he heads off for the summer in Block Island. Looking forward to taking a day trip down to see him play again. The kids had a blast last year and are already asking when we'll be doing it again.

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