Americans Expect Companies to Have a Presence in Social Media

I just read that headline as the findings of a 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study. (hat tip to WOMMA for pointing to it in today's newsletter) Not surprising to me, but the study found that almost 60% of Americans interact with brands through social media channels and 93% feel a company should have a presence in social media. The survey was conducted with 1,092 adults.

I'm glad that someone took the time to do this survey because it points to the important fact that people are eager to interact with the brands they love, are having a problem with or want to get a question answered about. They are fine doing it through the traditional channels, but more and more they want to be able to do it online as well.

Guess what? This does not mean that throwing up a Facebook Fan Page or setting up a Twitter account is going to help you out unless you have a plan and resources to back it up and use these tools properly.

Companies of all sizes must be smart about what they do on the web. Strategically thinking about where they want to do it and more importantly where their customers are currently spending time online and thus makes sense for them to be there.

I'm excited to be working with some companies to do just that. If you need help just drop me a line.

What are your thoughts? Are you interacting with brands online? Would you like to be able to do this more? Let me know your thoughts. I'm curious.

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