Clay People Make Me Smile

The other day I went into my office and found these little guys waiting for me. Dylan had bunch a bought of clay for a school project and there is plenty of extra so he made me these. Can you guess what they are? If you click on the photo I wrote what they are on Flickr.

Clay Sculptures

I love it when my kids show their creativity. Both have active imaginations (what kid doesn't) and I love when they channel it into something. Dylan imagines great "what if they made..." type of things while Emily prefers to make up songs and play. Both draw non stop and I encourage them to keep doing it.

Friday sort of snuck up on me this week. Anytime there is a Holiday during the week it throws everything off a little. I had to keep checking to see what day it was all week.

Just got off the phone with Whitney Hoffman. That woman always makes me smile and we always have these great conversations that go all over the map, but are full of goodness.

A Dream Fulfilled

Creative Funk