Microsoft + Yahoo = Interesting Possibilities

This morning one of the first pieces of news that I saw was that Microsoft was looking to expand it's empire by offering almost $45 billion to buy Yahoo. My first reaction was that I wondered if Google would make a counter offer and then I got thinking about what might happen to services I love like Upcoming and Flickr that are both owned by Yahoo?

I also got thinking about the forth coming Microsoft Office Live (or whatever it is being called) that is a web based version of MS Office. It would be pretty damn cool to schedule a calendar item and one click create an Upcoming listing for it. Being able to quickly search and embed a Flickr image right into an e-mail or PowerPoint presentation would be slick as well. The integration touch points could be pretty damn powerful if it was done right.

I don't have the time to formulate full thoughts on this, but it certainly has given me enough brain candy to chew on for the day. Lots of good. Plenty of evil. Who knows which way it will go and if it will go at all.

I just wonder if any of it will work on my Mac. *laugh*

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