Riding the Whirlwind

Have you ever ridden a tornado? Surfed a tidal wave? I haven't really done that, but these past few weeks have certainly felt that way. There is always multiple somethings going on. Between life and work I certainly am keeping busy. It is a good busy though. The Advance Guard has some new clients, new projects and a great team delivering solid results. That feels good. Last night I finally got the kids registered for swimming lessons. They start next week. Two nights a week they'll be in the water. Kind of funny because there are "viewing nights" when parents can actually sit in the balcony and watch the lessons, but other then that you drop them off and pick them up an hour later. Will make for some hectic nights and it'll only get worse when soccer starts in a few weeks, but so goes life. The kids love it and I want them to be comfortable in the water so it's crucial.

Some new content from me on multiple channels if your into checking it out:

I wanted to be sure not to neglect any of the channels I create on when I got back. Took me a bit because of that whirlwind I mentioned earlier, but I feel much better for it.

Time to get the day cranking. I've already done so much this morning, but always more to do.  Energized and ready to do some good work.

Happy Birthday Dad

Still Decompressing from Austin