Sixth Photo Meme - Wine Tasting Bar at Stonington Vinyard

I get tagged with various meme from time to time. This morning I saw Steve Garfield post about this and I thought it was a cool idea. The day ran away from me and I never got around to doing anything about it.

Then moments ago Bob Goyetche took part in it and of course he felt the need to TAG me with it so now I feel obligated to take part and make my rum infused north of the border music loving brother happy.

Anniversary Weekend in Mystic, CT

The meme works like this. (links below are for mine)

  1. Go to Flickr (or other photo sharing site)
  2. Go to your 6th page of photos
  3. Find your 6th photo on that page
  4. Post it on your blog
  5. Tag 6 people

I always hate the last part. I'd rather people who are into it do it and then people don't have to feel obligated or slighted. Maybe I'm the wet towel Bob! *laugh*

I'm a Happy Muggle

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