The Black Fortys Win American Eagle College Band Contest

Carbondale, Illinois based The Black Fortys were announced the college band winner at yesterday's New American Music Union. The Black Fortys - NAMU 2008 College Band Winner

They were one of the first bands to play the college stage so not many people will have seen their set. I though made a point to get down and see those early acts because I wanted to check them out. The college bands for the most part were hit or miss and I can safely say that these kids were good.

I only saw one other member of the press taking photos of them so I'm psyched that I got some good shots of the band. I just hope that if anyone uses them they follow the license on them.

The Black Fortys - NAMU 2008 College Band Winner

They were really gracious and down to earth kids. They said this was their first show outside of their home town. It is too bad that after winning they couldn't have played a couple of songs on the main stage. I think that would have really blown their mind and given them even more exposure.

Thankfully I know that American Eagle is going to have video content of them (and all of the acts) up on the festival web site this week.

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