The Final [munk] Show

Last night I headed into the city to watch my friend [munk] perform what he was calling his final concert. I had mixed feelings, but I knew we were in for one hell of a show.

[munk] Says Goodbye

As I walked to the venue, [munk] pulled up beside me and I jumped in his car to head over to the club and unload. Once the rest of the band got there we headed for some great kabobs for dinner and the fun filled conversations that happen when you gather a bunch of rockers together.

Catherine Capozzi of AxemunkeeI usually don't get that excited about opening acts, but after the way the guys raved about Axemunkee's leading lady, Catherine Capozzi, I couldn't wait to see them take the stage. I wasn't disappointed.This girl can shred!

If you appreciate great musicians, making great music, then you must check out Axemunkee live someday. They filled the Middle East with a vintage Quentin Tarantino movie vibe. I'm still jamming. I bought their CD and I can't wait to crank it.

The crowd got filled with lots of familiar faces and nothing but people ready to rock out. [munk] did NOT let anyone down as he and the band slammed their way through a packed set list of favorites from all of his albums. It always amazes me how great tracks such as Superheroes and Blow Away sound live. You can't listen to them in the album form the same way again after experiencing the raw emotion of them live.

In one of the few quiet moments of the show, it was fun to be standing next to [munk]'s wife as he sang the love filled, bluesy, "this is not country" track Beautiful. It is one of my favorite tracks off the new album and watching her sing along to a song that is dedicated to her made for some great smiles.

Everyone keeps asking me why this was [munk]'s last show and if I were to answer for him I'd say it is because he wants to go out on top. Like an athlete who retires before they begin to decline, [munk] wants his fans to remember him on stage giving it 150% and not ever being washed up when he takes the stage. He's a true artist and a performer and he wants everyone to remember him that way.

Final [munk] Concert - April 1, 2008

As the final song of the night was played and the lyrics "brush against me for the last time" hit the speakers, I think we all knew something very special was coming to an end, but he wasn't going into the night via the shadows, [munk] was blazing into the darkness kicking ass the whole way.

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