Family Reunion in NY

We are jumping on the road and headed to New York state today for a Family Reunion. One of the cool things about Laura and her family is that it has a rich and cool history and one piece of that is her Great-Grandfather Charles Courtney Curran. He was a painter and it always amazes when I see his work in a museum.

Family history is a very important thing and while we won't know anyone at this event this weekend, just being able to take Laura and the kids to the house where he escaped to and did some of his most famous work is something I'm excited about. I'm also interested to hear other stories that will be told this weekend.

Charles Curran

This picture shows him as well as Laura's grandmother (the little girl) who is the namesake for our daughter. When it showed up on Flickr I can't begin to express how cool that was.

My camera and notebook are going to get quite the work out this weekend for sure. Hopefully the weather feels like cooperating.Famil

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