New York Quality Time

I'm somewhere going through the Connecticut country side as I write this. The Acela is no where near as packed as it usually is. Must be because of the 1:00 time leaving NYC rather then the 7:00 I usually catch. Last night, I suddenly found myself with a free night in New York City so I grabbed a great dinner with my friends Jane and Dan (later joined by new friend Martha) at this awesome little restaurant called Cafeteria. The conversation was awesome. The food top notch. Deep fried Oreos for dessert were something I am still smiling from. I don't know who shoots the photographs for their menus, but I loved them!

Then this morning I was psyched to have Jeff Sass from Myxer over to the office to show me all the cool stuff they are up to. I knew they did ringtones, but I had no idea about all the other offerings that they had. Amazing stuff going on there and I hope to integrate it into some of our work when appropriate.

I also announced today that I'm taking part in a new initiative called Sony Dads. You can read my full post (with video) or to sum it up they are going to be sending me and some other Dads a variety of technology to play with, use with our family and share our thoughts about. The initiative lasts for a couple of months and after trying everything out we have to send them all back. I'm looking forward to checking out their DSLR and comparing their eBook reader to my beloved Kindle. It should be interesting.

I've got a million things to do this weekend and not nearly enough time to do it. Not what the weekend was invented for, but it will all be worth it.

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