That Would Make a Nice Picture

I told myself that this year when the thought of "hey that might make a nice picture" ever entered my brain that I would  take out a camera and capture the moment. It sounds easy enough, but last year I thought about it more then I actually did it. With my iPhone always with me I really don't have an excuse. Plus I'm trying to take my camera out with me more as well. Front Yard Footprints in the SnowThis photo was one of those moments. The kids had left for the day and something about the sun and shadows with the trail of footprints across the front yard caught my attention. Instead of passing on and going forward with my day, I went back in the house, grabbed my camera and shot a couple of shots.

There are a few people who every day when I see their pictures online, they never stop inspiring me. People I've never met such as Thomas Hawk, Nubian Eagle, KK+ and Scott Beale all come to mind. Each has a different style, but all take photos non stop and share them. I've learned tons from looking at their photos, reading their comments about them and looking at the camera data when it is shared. Add that to the teachings I get from Tips From the Top Floor and and I'm never short for inspiration.

Photography seems to be consuming more and more of my brain every day. I just finished reading Annie Leibovitz: At Work. For me it was an amazing peek behind the lens at someone who I really think does an amazing job capturing life differently then the rest. I've also become truly inspired after looking through Pictures by Jeff Bridges more then once. The guy can take an amazing photo AND act. I really hope they put out a book of his Iron Man photos because they were something else.

I'm looking forward to doing more with photos this year. I have a feeling it is going to merge with video for me as well as I have a life long project that has been in the back of my head that I'm hoping perhaps might get started.

Everyone needs things that excite them and fill them with passion. I'm a blessed and lucky man that I have several things in my life that do that for me. Photography is only one of them, but this morning it is the one at the top of my mind.

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